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Oil, politics and religion? NO; The Water War is the real reason behind the Syrian Conflict
09.04.17 - observer with opinion

As rains failed for several consecutive years in Syria and groundwater tables receded , the government had to place restrictions even on indiscriminate well digging by desperate farmers which led to peasant uprisings which turned more and more restive till the regime ...


37 Sikhs honoured on Singapore National Day
11.08.16 - Asia Samachar

More than three dozen Sikhs received various medals for the Singapore National Day Awards 2016.

There are 22 men and 15 women Sikhs who made the cut this time around.

Among the women on the list are District Judge Jasvender Kaur and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore ...

World could warm by massive 10°C if all fossil fuels are burned
17.06.16 - PT TEAM

The planet would warm by searing 10°C if all fossil fuels are burned, according to a new study, leaving some regions uninhabitable and wreaking profound damage on human health, food supplies and the global economy.

The Arctic, already warming fast today, would heat up even more ...

Three injured in Germany Gurdwara explosion
16.04.16 -

A Sikh priest was among three persons injured when an explosion ripped through a gurudwara in Germany’s western city of Essen as India on Sunday expressed "distress” at what is being deemed as a deliberate act.
Eyewitnesses have spoken of "a kind of bomb” that exploded ...




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