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Not everything about elections should be battle, it can also be dance - Bhangra
30.05.18 - TEAM PT

WHILE THE CRUCIAL by-poll results trickle in India and the BJP versus Opposition is being tested, the South Asian Punjabi identity displays itself in another contest in Canada - the lively Bhangra. History has it that the dance form was first patronised by Maharaja Patiala ...

SIKHS & FEMINISTS – We hailed Harjit Sajjan; they didn’t hail Gina Haspel
ਤਹਾਂ ਤਹਾਂ ਰਛਿਆ ਰਿਆਇਤ
21.05.18 - S Pal

FROM SGPC TO radicals, Sikh groups in Punjab and elsewhere were jumping around in near ecstasy when a turbaned decorated lieutenant-colonel with the Canadian Armed Forces was made the Defence Minister of Canada.

Always calling himself and described in the media as Harjit Sajjan but invariably ...

Nawaz defends remarks over Mumbai attack; Pak PM blames Indian media for misrepresenting Sharif's statement
14.05.18 - Team PT

PAKISTAN’S OUSTED PRIME MINISTER Nawaz Sharif on Monday defended his recent remarks about the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, saying he will speak the truth no matter what the consequences are.

Sharif, for the first time, publicly acknowledged in an interview that militant organisations are active in ...




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