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CAA: European Union to move resolution against ‘dangerously divisive’ Act
27.01.20 - Team PT

In a scathing denouncement of the Citizenship Amendment Act, a powerful group of 154 European Union lawmakers proposed a resolution that terms contentious law "discriminatory” and "dangerously divisive” and may lead to the "largest statelessness crisis in the world and cause widespread human suffering”.
The lawmakers ...

A Sikh in Lahore
The bonds of blood, language and culture
26.01.20 - Sarbpreet Singh

"Asalaamualaikum”, the young immigration officer mumbles, as he slides into his chair. I am the first traveller at the Atari border crossing that day. The immigration counter is deserted and my elderly porter has to knock on the door behind the counter to roust the ...

Vandalism at Nankana Sahib and its 'between the lines' nuance
07.01.20 - Bir Devinder Singh*

The vandalism at Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib in Pakistan is seemingly the covert operation of Indian intelligence agencies, because of their nervousness over the growing bonhomie among the Sikhs and Muslims after the opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor.
Intelligent people in the Sikh ...

China's economy: How close is it to a crisis?
04.01.20 - Markandey Katju

I HAD A long talk today with a middle aged Chinese who is presently in Toronto, Canada, where I am presently staying too. He lives and works in mainland China (for the sake of his security I will not mention his name or the name ...




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