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Gen dismisses 12 army officers from service over 'corruption'
21.04.16 08:38 as Pakistan - MATEEN HAIDER*

In an unprecedented move, Chief of Pakistan Army Staff General Raheel Sharif dismissed 12 army officers, including a three-star general, from service over alleged corruption on Thursday.

A major general, lieutenant colonel, five brigadiers and a major are among those dismissed from service, said an intelligence ...

Sweden introduces six-hour work day
17.04.16 08:20 as Sweden - Hardeep Matharu

Sweden is moving to a six-hour working day in a bid to increase productivity and make people happier.

Employers across the country have already made the change, according to the Science Alert website, which said the aim was to get more done in a shorter amount ...

Three injured in Germany Gurdwara explosion
16.04.16 23:03 as Punjabi diaspora -

A Sikh priest was among three persons injured when an explosion ripped through a gurudwara in Germany’s western city of Essen as India on Sunday expressed "distress” at what is being deemed as a deliberate act.
Eyewitnesses have spoken of "a kind of bomb” that exploded ...

Fake neurosurgeon worked at Hospital for eight months
16.04.16 04:29 as Pakistan - AMJAD MAHMOOD*

Lahore: Revealing the sorry state of affairs in the health department, the Punjab Assembly was told on Thursday that a sham doctor continued to conduct brain surgeries in the government’s flagship tertiary care hospital in the provincial metropolis.

Through an adjournment motion, treasury MPA Amjad Ali ...

Japan quakes kill at least 29; rescuers rush to free trapped
16.04.16 01:03 as Japan - By EMILY WANG and MARI YAMAGUCHI

Two powerful earthquakes a day apart shook southwestern Japan, killing at least 29 people and injuring 1,500, as thousands of army troops and other rescuers on Saturday rushed to save scores of trapped residents before the weather turns bad.

The exact number of casualties remained unclear. ...

Clinton and Sanders in Democratic Debate: How They Spar Over Judgement
15.04.16 05:28 as USA - By PATRICK HEALY and AMY CHOZICK*

Senator Bernie Sanders, seizing on potential vulnerabilities for Hillary Clinton in the coming New York primary, repeatedly savaged her ties to wealthy donors and Wall Street banks during their debate on Thursday night, delivering a ferocious performance that Mrs. Clinton countered with steely confidence and ...

Prostitution now legal but paying for sex illegal
08.04.16 06:02 as France - pt team

Paying for sex in France is about to get a lot more expensive.

France has joined a growing number of European countries that criminalize clients of prostitutes.
The French National Assembly outlawed the hiring of prostitutes while eliminating penalties for sex workers. Paying for sex services now ...




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