WORLD WAR III: Pessimism Pays if Prevention is Possible
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WORLD WAR III: Pessimism Pays if Prevention is Possible

Our world today is staring at the very real prospect its third and last world war. Last, for with it will end the brief sojourn of our species on our planet. Many would call this a Doomsayers pessimism , but many others would argue that pessimism pays if it can help you plan for remedial action and if therefore Prevention of the cataclysm is possible.

There is an urgent need for the chaotic global narrative to be demystified and disambiguated for a wider and clearer understanding among common people who in their numbers can influence broad decision making by political powers by means other than a corporatised media that more often than not spreads disinformation and distorts the plain facts to create public opinion to suit vested interests rather than the common good.
There is an urgent need to revive a sleeping and subservient United Nations and for the sheer number of member nations to call the global hegemons to order immediately
The first thing to be restored should be the inviolability of the territory, land water and air, of sovereign nations, unilaterally by the global bullies led by the US followed by Russia and China.
If at all the world feels that a regime is oppressing its own citizens beyond tolerable limits and  therefore outside intervention is called for in the interests of protection of basic human rights of its people, let the UN General Body decide how and when to do it, and let the UN forces do a limited intervention. 
Hegemonic Military Alliances like NATO or the Islamic Military Alliance need to be squarely placed under the UN and not allowed to act militarily without UN permission.
The next thing on the agenda is to outlaw regime change machinations, overt and covert, and outside influence on free and fair democratic election processes of sovereign nations by global capital and / or global superpowers or even simply any other nation.
This has been at the root of war and is the single biggest threat to both democracy and peace in the world.

Who are the US or the NATO nations or Russia or Saudi Arabia to decide whether Syria needs a regime change? It is the sole prerogative of the Syrian people.
But global media is discussing and deciding in TV discussions and CIA in its dirty convoluted innards or its Russian Equivalent is trying to decide what is for no one else to decide but the Syrian people. 
If even a semblance of Peace is to be preserved on our climatically endangered planet, this televised rape of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations who are bonafide members of the UN or are sovereign in their own right has to stop immediately and the relevance and collective power of the United Nations of the World has to be restored as soon as possible.
But who will bell the cat?
PS Here's a thought from a poet and thinker between the two earlier Great Wars, for us to ponder over today
(I'd substitute ignorance and indifference for Hate and Desire):
Some say the World will end in Fire
Some sat in Ice.
From what I've tasted of Desire
I  hold with those who favor Fire.
But if it had to perish twice, 
I think I know enough of Hate
To say that for Destruction , Hate
Is also great
And would suffice
(Robert Frost, 'Fire and Ice', 1920)


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