Oil, politics and religion? NO; The Water War is the real reason behind the Syrian Conflict
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Oil, politics and religion? NO; The Water War is the real reason behind the Syrian Conflict

As rains failed for several consecutive years in Syria and groundwater tables receded , the government had to place restrictions even on indiscriminate well digging by desperate farmers which led to peasant uprisings which turned more and more restive till the regime opened fire against protesters in Daraa


This created more violent protests and thus a cycle of violence began in which the Kurds of north eastern Syria got pulled in amid allegations of unfairness by the regime on sectarian lines in allocating depleting water resources

Israel with its vested  in keeping the Islamic world around it war with itself, US and NATO nations with their greed for oil and international hegemony plunged into the conflict having already destroyed Iraq Libya and Egypt from within, drawing the Shia axis of Iran with the competing strategic and hegemonic  interests of Russia into the messy internecine war that had turned international.


Each side began funding jehadi groups to proxy for it leading to the rise of hybridised monsters like Al  Nusra and ISIS whose units keep changing loyalties till nobody knows when and where they are siding with whom or playing double agents for or against whom.


In all these complicated strands the simple truth has got buried , so here's the real wake up call, before we get pulled into the last World War.


Wake up to climate change , World!


Don't destroy yourself faster than is necessary


Vulture Capitalism superimposed upon the disastrous effects of climate change and dying agriculture due to acute Water Shortage is at the root of the Syrian Crisis


Oil and Arms industries have deep stakes in the conflict


The US need to keep Israel supreme and its Muslim neighbours at perpetual war with one another and within their own nation states is another


The faultlines of  ethnicity and sectarian religion between Kurds and Other Syrians, between Shia minorities and Sunni majority have been exploited by US and NATO to destroy Syria from within especially since it had a Shia Minority regime ruling over a Sunni majority population


This is nothing but yet another case of identity politics complicated by oil greed and hegemonic ambitions of US and Western Europe distracting from a climate change crisis


As our planet explodes around us we are distracting ourselves from doomsday warnings by being more and more identity conscious and trying to avoid the directly confronting the very real danger around us


We are indeed doomed

Not because we cannot do anything about healing our planet and pulling it back from the brink but from because we don't want to


Welcome, Armageddon !


This is the Nemesis of the Environmental Nay Sayers brought on by their own blindness


The sad part is that those who can see the looming crisis and are crying themselves hoarse to raise consciousness about it and have been working their guts out to prevent it will also perish along with the real culprits.


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