Father kills 4-month-old daughter by punching her 22 times, for making baby noises
Father kills 4-month-old daughter by punching her 22 times, for making baby noises

In a shocking incident in the US, a father allegedly murdered his four-month-old daughter by punching her 22 times as she was making baby noises while he was watching television.

Cory Morris, 21, from Minneapolis, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly punching the baby girl named Emersyn in her face and chest.

Morris was alone when he was watching his daughter, called Emersyn. His girlfriend had gone to work and he was watching TV at home.

The girl started to make some noises – which Morris described as baby talk in police interviews. He then took her out of her swing and placed her on a changing table in her room.

She kept making noises, he said, to quieten her down he started to punch her.

Morris reportedly struck her with a closed fist 15 times in the face and then seven times in the chest. According to police, he then squeezed her chest with both hands.

Morris called police and admitted that he had killed his daughter Emersyn. When police arrived at the house of Morris, they found the 4-month-old unconscious on a changing table.

She was later pronounced dead.

He later called his mother and his wife and said "‘I did something bad’, but didn’t tell them what he actually did,”
"For reasons we cannot explain, he became irritated when his 4-month-old daughter was talking 'baby talk' and interrupting him. He put her on the changing table to try to get her to stop making noise. When she didn't, [he] struck [her], according to his own account, perhaps 15 times," said Police officials.

Court documents show the suspect took care of the girl three to four times per week while his girlfriend worked. His girlfriend told police that he went from happy to mad easily.

"We would have never left him alone with her if we thought that he would harm her, and he wouldn't want to. He loved her. He loved her," said the suspect's mother, Ginny Morris.

According to the criminal complaint, Morris was left to care for the baby girl three to four times a week while his girlfriend worked. His girlfriend reported that Morris went from happy to mad easily, and has grabbed her or thrown things in the past.

"Family members have suggested there may be mental health issues. These will need to be evaluated during the course of this case,” a source said.

Morris himself told police he was schizophrenic and heard voices. Investigators say Morris will receive a full psychological evaluation.

Morris remains in the Hennepin County jail, with bail set at $2 million.


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