Why Shivraj Chouhan found Madhya Pradesh roads are better than roads in Washington, DC?
25.10.17 - PT Foreign Desk

WASHINGTON, DC: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who was mocked around the world last year when he made cops carry him on their shoulders instead of walking through ankle deep water, told audiences in the United States that roads in MP were better ...

Trump can trigger World War III, says top Republican leader
09.10.17 - PT FOREIGN DESK

WASHINGTON: The chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, who is a Republican senator, has now said President Donald Trump was running his office like "a reality show” and can trigger World War III. 

The Tennessee senator also portrayed Trump as a wayward ...

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates to become world’s richest person
27.07.17 - team pt

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, on Thursday, surpassed Gates to become the world's richest man. The proverbial rise and rise of Bezos came after a 1 per cent surge ...

Woman forced to hold her 2-year-old on lap during flight
Sues United Airlines
26.07.17 - TEAM PT

An Asian-origin teacher has decided to sue United Airlines as she was forced to hold her two- year-old son on her lap after the airlines gave away the toddler’s seat to a standby passenger, according to media reports.
Shirley Yamauchi, who is working in a Middle ...

A man shot by girlfriend for a social media stunt
29.06.17 - team pt

A Minnesota (US) woman has been charged over the fatal shooting of her boyfriend, in what authorities say was a social media stunt gone wrong.
Monalisa Perez, 19, was booked into county jail after shooting at Pedro Ruiz as he held a book to his chest, ...

See The World's Richest Selfie
07.03.17 - TEAM PT

Selfies have entered the dictionary and so far, everyone and their dog probably have their selfie online somewhere. I am guilty as have been some of the most powerful and famous people in the world. President Barack Obama with British Prime Minister David Cameron took ...

Bad news for Indian IT industry: US to Temporarily Halt Premium Processing for H-1B Visas
04.03.17 - TEAM PT

During the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly criticized the H-1B program, which allows US businesses to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. In an order issued late Friday, Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that H-1B premium processing will be suspended beginning April 3 and will ...

Sikh band wins Grammy for Best New Age album
14.02.17 - TEAM PT

White Sun, a Los Angeles-based band famous for their musical interpretations of Yogic mantras, has won the 2017 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album for their second album White Sun II. The band has a strong Indian connection.

The band is co-founded by Adam Berry, who ...

Apple CEO Tim Cook's pay cut by 15% as iPhone sales fall
07.01.17 - TEAM PT

Apple penalized CEO Tim Cook for the iPhone maker's first sales slump in 15 years with a 15 percent pay cut.
The company gave the 56-year-old USD 8.75 million in total compensation last year, down from the USD 10.28 million he received in 2015, according to ...

Donald Trump told to 'Grow Up' by US Vice President Joe Biden
06.01.17 - TEAM PT

Vice-president Joe Biden told President-elect Donald Trump Thursday to "grow up."

Biden dismissed Trump's complaint on Twitter about how the Obama administration has handled the transition. The vice president told "PBS NewsHour" in an interview that it's time for Trump "to be an adult."
Biden said to ...

NYPD to allow Sikh officers to wear turbans, grow beard
29.12.16 - TEAM PT

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has come up with new rules allowing Sikh police officers to wear turbans instead of traditional police hats, officials said. Sikh officers have until now worn turbans under their caps.
New York Police commissioner James O’Neill announced the measures being ...

Foreign tourists to be quizzed about their social media info when entering US
23.12.16 - TEAM PT

In a move designed to spot potential terror threats, the US government quietly began requesting select foreign visitors to provide their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts upon arriving in the country, according to a media report. Since Tuesday, foreign travelers arriving in the ...

After 'Productive' Trump-Sharif phone call, Pakistan sending envoy to meet Trump's team
03.12.16 - TEAM PT

Pakistan has decided to send an envoy to the US to hold meetings with Donald Trump’s transition team, two days after a "productive” telephonic conversation between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the President-elect.
Pakistani Prime Minister's special assistant for foreign affairs Tariq Fatemi will visit the ...

Donald Trump Wins The Presidency In a massive upset
09.11.16 - TEAM PT

US Republican Donald Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the election that will make him the 45th President of the United States.
Trump won the race with 56,897,955 popular votes and 276 electoral votes, compared with 55,877,015 popular votes and 218 electoral votes for Clinton.

Crucial ...

Indian-origin scientist Ramesh Raskar bags Lemelson-MIT Prize worth 500,000 dollars
17.09.16 - TEAM PT

An Indian-origin scientist has bagged the prestigious Lemelson-MIT Prize worth USD 500,000 for his groundbreaking inventions to create solutions to improve lives globally.
Raskar develops innovative imaging technologies, including an imaging system to read through closed books. Microsoft, Samsung, Adobe, Canon and Qualcomm are some of ...

Facebook co-founder donates $20 million to defeat Trump
11.09.16 - TEAM PT

A co-founder of social media giant Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz said he was donating $20 million to help ensure the defeat of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections.
Moskovitz, a Harvard roommate of Mark Zuckerberg who was part of the founding group of the ...

Deaf driver shot dead by police
23.08.16 - TEAM PT

Authorities in the southern US state of North Carolina said on Monday they are investigating the death of a deaf man who was fatally shot after a trooper tried to pull him over for speeding.

Daniel Harris, 29, was shot after being pulled over following a ...

Father kills 4-month-old daughter by punching her 22 times, for making baby noises
21.08.16 - TEAM PT

In a shocking incident in the US, a father allegedly murdered his four-month-old daughter by punching her 22 times as she was making baby noises while he was watching television.

Cory Morris, 21, from Minneapolis, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly punching the baby ...

Donald Trump is officially the Republican Presidential Nominee
20.07.16 - TEAM PT

The billionaire businessman Donald Trump was officially named the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee early on Wednesday.

Trump is scheduled to address the convention via remote from New York on Wednesday evening, but tweeted shortly after the vote.

"Such a great honor to be the Republican Nominee for ...

Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI as part of email probe
02.07.16 - By Dan Berman, Evan Perez and Pamela Brown, CNN

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton met with the FBI for three and a half hours Saturday as part of the investigation into her use of a private email server while leading the State Department, her campaign said.

"Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email ...

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