SAD-BJP reject biased commissions says Judges act as congress workers
SAD-BJP reject biased commissions says Judges act as congress workers

The Shiromani Akali Dal and Bhartya Party Legislature Party today rejected the setting up of Justice Ranjit Singh Commission to probe incidents of sacrilege and Justice Mehtab Singh Commission to probe the alleged false cases against Congress workers during the SAD-BJP regime. The two parties said that the two Commissions were "custom-designed Congress exercises with pre-mediated verdicts to suit the party and defame the SAD and the BJP.”
 "What kind of justice and fairness can be expected from these Commissions? Even before these commissions have started their work, the Chief Minister has announced their findings on their behalf, adjudging the Akali-BJP guilty of all the allegations brought against them. And isn’t it an insult of judiciary that these two judges have not even objected to the Chief Minister becoming their spokesman", said a resolution passed by the Akali BJP legislators at their joint meeting today.
A resolution passed by the joint meeting of the SAD-BJP Legislators described the two judges as "well known congress functionaries who, even as judges, had openly expressed their bias and hatred against the Akali and BJP leaders and workers. "Even our advocates had to repeatedly express their loss of faith in these judges as they could not be trusted to give fair and impartial judgements because of the allegiance to the Congress party. Justice Mehtab Singh is directly related to Congress legislator Harpartap Singh Ajnala who is his brother in law ( wife’s brother)."
These judges are the evening buddies of the Chief Minister and if they had respect for their profession they would have refused to accept the assignment. But these Commissions are in fact the Congress government’s method of repaying these judges for the support they have given to him and the Congress. They were active participants from the Congress camp in the last Vidhan Sabha elections and the House of one of these judges in Moga was the Congress campaign headquarters.” the SAD-BJP Legislator parties resolution said.
On the issue of the alleged false cases against Congress workers, the two parties said during the previous government, the Congress had first come up with a figure of one lakh false cases against them but later reduced the number to 30,000. When the then Chief Minister challenged them to give details, the Congress came up with only 30 cases. Even on these 30 cases, the SAD-BJP government had placed all the facts before the House and not a single false case could be found. Then, the Congress leaders had to keep quiet and  had raised no objections to the government’s version.
"The setting up of a commission on the same issue now is clearly a political after-thought dictated by political compulsions of the Chief Minister. Both these Commissions are politically motivated and biased, with pre-manufactured findings. The party therefore out rightly rejects both these brazen attempts to divert people’s attention from mounting disgust and disillusionment against the total failure of the state government on all fronts,” the resolution added.

Comment by: Dr Sathya

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