If he can’t handle Home, Capt must shed the extra load: Bir Devinder Singh
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If he can’t handle Home, Capt must shed the extra load: Bir Devinder Singh

Ever since the present dispensation has taken over the control of the Punjab Government under the leadership of Capt. Amarinder Singh, rather than the marked qualitative improvement of the law & order situation in the State, it has doggedly continue to deteriorate, pathetically, said the former Deputy Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Bir Devinder Singh. 
He further alleged in a statement issued today that murderous assaults on political opponents by the members of the ruling party have become the order of the day. Inter gang rivalries of the gangsters and their open indulgence in the gang war violence and crimes, has frightened the peace loving people of the State.
Bir said that it's shocking that even yesterday in the home District of the Chief Minister, robbers dared to target a bank van, near Chitkara University in the broad day light at 10 A.M on Rajpura Chandigarh road, the busiest highway of the State and looted Rs. 1.3 Crore  and fled with impunity. Most disturbing reports emanating from the scene of the crime suggests that even the emergency contact number of the police control tower (100) remained incommunicado for quite some time, till the time robbers fled from the scene with the looted cash and a snatched weapon of the Bank Gunman, leaving the injured driver of the van profusely bleeding.

According to former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, lackluster response of the law enforcing machinery to control the lawlessness is causing anguish and deep sense of disquiet to the general public. It’s pertinent to mention here that Banur Highway robbery is not the first incident of robbery in the Patiala District. Political administration at the state head quarter must revisit its operational mechanism with great alacrity and precision. The prevalence of the alarming law & order situation, certainly warrants sending the clear signals in an explicitly transparent manner, down below, that the menace of this kind of mayhem would not be tolerated any more, under any circumstances.
If the Chief Minister find it difficult to handle the portfolio of home because of his overburdened schedule or preoccupation elsewhere, then he must shed the extra load of the super sensitive portfolio of Home affairs in the larger interest of the State and give it to any of his ministerial colleague, keeping in mind his impeccable integrity and administrative caliber, and who could also devote his unadulterated attention to the law & order situation of the State suggested Bir Devinder Singh.

Comment by: Surinder Pal

Such like incidents are very unfortunate for the society, which corrode the confidence of general public towards administration of the hour. This needs to be nipped in the bud, failing which it will prove dangerous not only for the society but the for ruler also. It not contained, it will create a feeling of insurety in the minds of people. It the need of the hour to take immediate remedial measures to instil in public the desired confidence.
Surinder Pal



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