Vigilance probe in Sangrur case hogwash to bail out robbers in uniform: Bir Devinder
- Bir Devinder Singh
Vigilance probe in Sangrur case hogwash to bail out robbers in uniform: Bir Devinder

Vigilance probe ordered by the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh in the infamous Sangrur extortion case is a mere hogwash to bail out the robbers in uniform. The vigilance bureau of investigations, Punjab has completely lost its credibility over a period of time. The super cops at the helm of the vigilance bureau are no less disgraced ‘caged parrots’ than that of the CBI.
Till recently the vigilance bureau of Punjab was seen, on indecent spree to file cancellations of FIR’s registered in the various mega corruption cases, against the political bigwigs of both the major political parties of Punjab, including the incumbent Chief Minister. It speaks volume of the investigational competence of the Vigilance bureau that in certain cases of mega corruption, this premier investigation agency took more than ten years, to request the trial court for the framing of the charges against the alleged accused. And eventually demolishing their own investigation theories, ironically they concluded that nothing tangible has been found in the FIR, registered at the behest of Punjab Vidhan Sabha and thus eventually filed the request for cancellation of the FIR, before the trial court.

Even in one of very infamous case of corruption against the Badal family investigated by the same vigilance bureau, the IO (investigation officer) and the Supervisory officer, (Both IPS) refuse to identify their own signature on the investigation diary filed in form of the Chalaan in the trial court at Mohali. The court was so infuriated on the despicable conduct of these two Vigilance bureau officers, that the court was constrained to order perjury proceedings against both the IPS officers, who colossally carried out the investigation at the hustling. Its pertinent to mention here, that both these officers were cherry-picked by the then CM Capt. Amarinder Singh, Intriguingly enough; one of them is heading the ‘Punjab Vigilance Bureau’ today.  

So in the wake of the above, I’m of the firm view that the vigilance probe in the matter would unnecessarily delay the matter, inordinately. It would be appropriate that the report submitted by SSP Sangrur, Mr. Mandeep Singh Sidhu to IG Zonal Patiala Mr. A.S Rai, should be taken in to account at once and the DGP, Punjab police must order the registration of an FIR under the relevant provisions of the IPC, besides placing all of them, found guilty in the report, under suspension, forthwith.

The DGP and the Home department should also simultaneously initiate dismissal proceedings against the guilty police officials, under Article 311 (2)(b) of the constitution of India. This kind of exemplary action would help in restoring the confidence of the general public in the investigational uprightness of the police.

I would also like to warn the present dispensation of the State with a caveat that attempts by the high ups of the State’s administration, to cover up the crime in order to save the skin of the police officials, allegedly involved in the brutal extortions, would reflect very poorly on the integrity of the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh.
I would also invite the intervention of the Chief Minister, to take all possible measure to first ensure the return of the entire extorted money Rs. 19,50.000/- as referred to in the enquiry report, to the poor farmers namely;  Dhanwant Singh resident of village Kotrha Amru and Harjinder Singh resident of village Dugga. And thus enabling them to liberate themselves from the hefty debt which they had to undertake to suffice the monstrous greed of the police officials in question.

(The writer is the Former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha.)


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