Dalit Samaj had shut out Hans Raj Hans: Thandal
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Dalit Samaj had shut out Hans Raj Hans: Thandal

The Punjab cabinet Minister and SAD leader Sohan Singh Thandal said in Chandigarh today that   turn-coat Congress leader Hans Raj Hans is a disgrace to the Dalit  Samaj as his conduct has painted an extremely poor picture of the brave and honest Dalit masses in Punjab.

"Dalit Samaj never really owned him, despite his getting the golden opportunity to contest from a Dalit dominated constituency on an SAD-BJP ticket….People in the constituency say that he lost that election mainly because he used the campaign merely to raise funds and never showed any interest in winning the election, despite senior SAD and BJP leaders like Parkash SIngh Badal, Sukhbir Singh Badal and Manoranjan Kataria extensively campaigning for him," said Thandal in a statement here.

 Commenting on Hans Raj Hans'  statement that he would give a call to dalits  to bar the SAD-BJP combine, Mr Thandal said that only an egotist like Hans Raj Hans can indulge in such pathetic  day-dreaming and he is living in fools paradise ."Not a single member of the great Punjabi Dalit Bhaichara trusts him. He lives only for himself and he has never done anything for Dalits in the state. All he is interested in is his own name and fame and money." said Thandal.


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