Congress dislikes ‘Lassi with Punjabiat’: Jagmeet Brar expelled
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Congress dislikes ‘Lassi with Punjabiat’: Jagmeet Brar expelled

Senior Congress Leader and former Member of Parliament Jagmeet Singh Brar was expelled from the primary membership of the Congress party on Monday.
Shakeel Ahmed, General Secretary and Incharge of Punjab conveyed the decision of All India Congress Party to Brar through a letter.
In  the expulsion letter Shakeel  Ahmad writes , " Kindly refer to my letter seeking your explanation  addressed to you dated 29th March, 2016 and your 3 replies, all dated 30th March, 2016. Subsequently even after messaging me through mobile phone "uttered not a single word today on advise of HC” (High command), you kept on tweeting and made statements in print and electronic media which was totally against the interest of the party in Punjab.”
The letter further states,” After considering every aspect of the issue, All India Congress Committee (AICC) has decided to expel you from the primary membership of the party with immediate effect. Please consider this as your letter of expulsion.”
It may be mentioned here that Jagmeet Brar has just yesterday dared the party to expel him. "If my expulsion helps the Congress to win the Assembly polls, then I am prepared for it. But the expulsion should not be on the recommendation of PPCC cheif Capt. Amarinder Singh,” he said.
A day earlier he has made fun of party’s ‘Coffee with Captain’ programme and announced his ‘Zira Lassi with Punjabiat’ campaign. 
Many Congress legislators on Sunday have demanded the expulsion of Brar for "gross indiscipline and rebellious activities that are harming the party’s interest in the state.
Jagmeet Brar is the second senior leader after Bir Devinder Singh who has been shown the door by the party within a span of a week’s time on ‘indiscipline’ charges.


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