Justice does not drop into the lap of the sleeping and the lazy : Badal
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Justice does not drop into the lap of the sleeping and the lazy : Badal

The Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal called upon the people of his state to prepare  fight  a long and sustained democratic and peaceful fight for justice over the critical issues affecting the destiny of coming generations. "Punjab does not have a drop of water to spare and there is no question of our accepting or implementing any decision which deprives us of our fundamental right under the Riparian Principle. Its time to prepare for  supreme sacrifices for the cause of our state and the future of our children," said Badal.
Badal's speech was replete with strong emotion, and backed with data and documentary evidence. He spoke in most categorical and unequivocal term and reiterated that he was prepared to shed the last drop of his blood rather than allowing a single drop of water to flow out of the state in violation of laws of justice and fairplay.
In an impassioned plea, the Chief Minister invoked history and religious heritage to emphasize that it was unrealistic to expect justice without being ready for make sacrifices for securing it. " Do not take justice for granted.
Justice does not drop into the lap of the sleeping and the lazy. You have to wake up and fight for it," said Badal winding up the debate on the Governor's address in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha late last evening.
The Chief Minister said that the present agony of Punjab was rooted in
serial acts of discrimination and brazen injustice by successive Congress governments at the centre and its meek and submissive surrender of Punjab's rights by the state governments  of this party.
"The need for de-notification of land acquisition would not have arisen if Captain Amarinder Singh had done it in 2004 as a part of the Termination of Agreements Act . Why he did not do so and let down the farmers of the state ?"  Badal thundered.
Joining issue with Congress leaders who sought to justify Congress stand  by supporting today's motion on waiving off all compensation from farmers for SYL land , Badal asked , " If you think it is being done because of your  stand, may I ask you what were you doing when you were in government? Why did not you not do it in the long years when you were in power here?"   asked Badal.
The Chief Minister said that water issue was not merely restricted to peasantry but every section of the society was adversely affected by it. He said that there would be no agriculture without water and without agriculture there would be no trade and industry. Badal said that the future of everyone including trader, shopkeeper, aartiyas, industrialist, labour and employee has been linked with waters. "If this injustice didn’t stop then every Punjabi will be deprived of even a single drop of drinking water and the life will be in shambles” he added.
Describing the Governor address as the picture of rapid progress and development and ‘glimpse of Golden future of Punjab’, the Chief Minister said that it was a historic address from many angles. He cited the Punjab Governor’s mention about the victories of Khadoor Sahib and other by-polls. Expressing gratitude to the voters and SAD-BJP workers, Badal said that by-election was the test of governments to judge the satisfaction and trust of people in their policies and programs.
The Chief Minister said that the recent record victory of Khadoor Sahib by-poll was not merely a referendum rather it was a prophecy with regard to the trend for forthcoming state assembly polls. Badal said that he was saddened over the boycott by opposition of this by-poll in view of their inevitable defeat. He said that this was a political blunder on their part as victory or defeat was the part of the game. The Chief Minister pointed out that we won Gidderbaha and Ajnala by-polls being in opposition during the Congress regime.
On the issue of peace and communal harmony, the Chief Minister said that this was the highest priority of the SAD-BJP alliance government and Punjab was the most peaceful state in the country. He said that we inherited the spirit of peace, communal harmony, secularism and socialism from our great Gurus, saints, prophets and seers. Badal said that Harmandir Sahib had four entrances, which was symbolic of message in terms of peace and cohesion amongst all communities and castes of mankind. He said that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is the Guru ji of mankind, which was evident of the fact that this holy scripture contained bani of six Sikh Gurus and rest was of the other great saints and seers from different religions, castes and communities. The concept of socialism and secularism was also preached by Sikh religion through ‘Sangat and Pangat’.
The Chief Minister said that right from independence, Punjab had been facing unending saga of injustice and tyranny. The then Prime Minister didn’t fulfil his solemn commitment made in the Parliament to transfer Chandigarh to Punjab as it was cancelled at the last minute on January 26, 1986. Likewise, boundary Commission to transfer left out Punjabi speaking areas was never set up. Punjab was also deprived of its due share in Army recruitment on merit.
The Chief Minister also decried "the brutal injustice and repression meted out to the tragic victims of the 1984 Sikh carnage describing it as a ‘worst holocaust ever in a free country’. This ghastly and inhuman massacre didn’t eve spare children, helpless, aged men and women. Badal sought exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of this most heinous crime against humanity and immediate relief to the victims.
The Chief Minister said that federal structure was the only legitimate and viable answer to the problems of a country which was land of many religions, languages and cultures. He said that different states have different problems and solutions. Badal mentioned that our founding fathers gave federal constitution but unfortunately successive Congress governments at centre usurped all powers from state to make it unitary.
The Chief Minister also lauded the Government of India’s (GoI) unique initiative for having chosen Sri Amritsar Sahib as heritage city under the HRIDAY scheme. Badal also mentioned that Jallianwala Bagh has been included among Cultural World Heritage Site to receive special assistance for improving the infrastructure.


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