SAD ready for any sacrifice but won't spare a drop of water : Badal
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SAD ready for any sacrifice but won't spare a drop of water : Badal

Chandigarh : Is another Dharam Yudh Morcha in the offing? This question is being debated in Punjab's socio-political circles as the Punjab Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal patron-in-Chief Parkash Singh Badal claimed here today that  Punjab  does not  have a single drop of water to spare from its rivers and his party will fully ensure that   there is no compromise on the inalienable rights of the state under the Riparian Principle.
"The Punjab's stand on the subject has been consistent, clear and categorical and there can be no compromise on the rights of Punjab as a Riparian State," the Chief Minister said in a statement here this afternoon.
"The SAD is ready to make every sacrifice on this sacred path.  No price is too high in order to safeguard every drop of Punjab's waters, as it is the life's blood of the state, especially its farmers," said the SAD patron in chief.
 He said that the history of the contribution of the SAD to the cause of the state and its people is written in blood unlike that of our opponents who have been just paying lip service and issuing press statements for public consumption.
"My life has been an open book for everyone to read. It is a book in which every chapter speaks of the struggles waged by the SAD to defend the interests of the people of the state," said Badal "I assure the people of the state, especially our farmers, I will leave no stone unturned to save the interests of the state, especially the interests of the farmers."
He further said that history is witness that the Shiromani Akali Dal has always remained the sole champion of the brave peasantry of the country and especially of the people of Punjab. It will remain in the vanguard of the fight for their rights and interests.
CM said that the SAD has a long history of waging battles for protecting the interests of the state, having launched numerous Morchas both for the state and the country whenever democratic values, freedom of the people and human rights faced threats, be it during the Punjabi Suba Movement or the internal Emergency, or the Kapoori and the Dharam Yudh Morchas etc. There will be no deviation from this legacy of waging legal, political constitutional or religious struggles to safeguard the interests of the people. Every primary member of the SAD is proud of the history and traditions of battles and sacrifices for the cause of the state.
While urging all opposition parties not to act in a manner that weakens the state's case by vitiating the atmosphere through needless statements aimed only at gaining political publicity, Badal said, "Every Punjabi, including the Opposition, must speak in one voice on the issue, as we had done in 2004. All political parties must follow the example set by SAD”


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