Manhandling of scribe: Jalandhar Police Commissioner apologises, says sorry
27.10.17 - TEAM PT

JALANDHAR: After landing in a row with the media corps yesterday, Jalandhar Police Commissioner Pravin Kumar Sinha today personally and publicly apologized to the senior journalist who he had assaulted at a local hotel, with Chief Minister Amarinder being only a few feet away during the ...

Veteran journalist Hukum Chand Sharma is no more, but the tales will never end
20.06.17 - PT Media Critic

HUKUM CHAND Sharma, always seen sporting his trademark green turban and a flowing silver beard, never without a smile but with experience of decades reflected in his wrinkled face, is no more.

The veteran journalist, who remained the Chief of Bureau of mass-circulation Punjabi daily, Ajit, ...

Editor advises Advisor: Pl improve English, use 300 words and build some logic in your rebuttal
01.06.17 - Punjab Today Bureau

CHANDIGARH: Known for its rather sedate approach to journalism, and currently helmed by an old school editor-in-chief in Harish Khare, The Tribune makes waves whenever it shuns the "on-the-one-hand-while-on-the-other-hand" balancing act and takes a call on an issue.
So when its editorial on Wednesday screamed, "Oust ...




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