Readying a saffron generation
20.02.18 - Latha Jishnu

BREAD and circuses kept the people happy and distracted in the twilight of the Roman Republic just before the rise of the Roman Empire. Satirist Juvenal called it the panem et circenses (bread and circuses) way of governance: providing cheap wheat while mounting costly shows ...

Flattening Democracy In The Name of Good Governance
12.02.18 - Vipin Pubby

STATE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS are due in five states this year, in double that number of states besides the Lok Sabha elections next year, in three states during 2020 and in six states the following year. There has been no year in the recent past when ...

RENUKA'S LAUGHTER: Thank you for your guffaws. We needed this non-violent weapon.
11.02.18 - By Sanehead*

I AM SO GLAD Renuka Choudhury laughed and laughed uninhibitedly, laughed loud and long, at Narendra Modi’s extraordinary claims in the Parliament.

I am glad, even if sounded like a cackle, or seemed hysterical - for it was a full throated mature woman's honest, instinctive and ...

Rise above personal vindication, Mr Suresh Kumar. For Punjab.
11.02.18 - kanwar manjit singh

MUCH OF PUNJAB's political discourse in the past few weeks revolved around the fate of one retired bureaucrat whose appointment was quashed by the high court. 

Will he come back to his post or not, is a question Punjab's politicians, media, legal luminaries and political pundits ...

Today, in a few hours, perhaps in the afternoon, the society will change. Therefore, I apologise!
04.02.18 - S Pal

(I have a very repetitive news writing style on Mondays. Please bear with me. – Author)
THIS IS HOW a society sets up a system of justice dispensation, punitive norms, acceptable behaviour and a bar of forgiveness. Once the citizenry accepts that system collectively, it starts ...

Latest Imbroglio in Delhi: An AAP failure will be bad news for India's popular grassroot  movements
27.01.18 - VIPIN PUBBY

In 1985 a remarkable political development took place in Assam. Riding on the wave of huge public support, young leaders of All Assam Students Union formed a political party called Asom Gana Parishad and stormed to power in the state. It was the first such ...

MR CLEAN to PAKKE DHEETH: How Punjab’s Congress hurt Brand Rahul Gandhi?
19.01.18 - S Pal

IN 2002, JUST A FEW DAYS after Amarinder Singh was sworn in as Chief Minister of Punjab for the first time, an excise inspector walked into the office of the Punjab Public Service Commission on March 25 and paid its chairman, Ravi Sidhu, Rs 5 ...

Govt, the biggest litigant, must end face off with judiciary for sake of justice
12.01.18 - VIPIN PUBBY*

The adage, justice delayed is justice denied is a justified axiom known since ages. Unfortunately the delay in delivering justice in India has been increasing year by year and the governments, both at the Centre and in the states, bear main responsibility for contributing to ...

As Nightmare Comes Calling, One Step Every Day
05.01.18 - Sanehead

IT IS HIGH TIME for Brahmanical Hinduism in India, which is increasingly taking the form of a destructive and suffocating Hindutva, to be openly and squarely confronted by the rest of India, and to be cornered into acknowledging, confessing, repenting and forever abandoning its sins ...

What is the problem with AAP?

A WISE ONE once told me: give every phenomena time and it shall reveal its true colours. In spite of following AAP's bid to power in the Punjab elections, in spite of all the critiques of AAP and its fickle nature of the revolution, I never ...

Napoleon painting row: Punjab Govt insists on riding its high horse
Guru Gobind Singh Ji astride Napoleon’s horse?
26.12.17 - S Pal

Top intellectuals call out the govt’s bluff as row rages further
ON THE FACE OF IT, this was the easiest controversy to be put to rest. 

Place both the paintings side by side — the one that figured in the Amarinder Singh government’s official advertisement to mark ...

Do not go gentle into that good night
19.12.17 - Sanehead

WOULD BJP HAVE WON in Gujarat had polls been held, as they should have been, along with Himachal polls on 9 November and on perhaps 14 November for the second phase , instead of a month later?

Would Rahul have shone quite as much in Gujarat ...

The Akali Dal's Defence & The Holes In That
15.12.17 - kanwar manjit singh

THE AKALI DAL'S DEFENCE in the case filed by Balwant Singh Khera in the Delhi High Court falls back on the Election Commission's refusal to take action against the political party. 

While Prashant Bhushan argued that even on the SGPC's own website, an Akali had been ...

Akali Dal – Abhi to party shuru huyee hai...
13.12.17 - NISCHAY PAL

WITH CIVIC ELECTIONS LOOMING, and finding itself in a confrontationist posture, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has finally found an opportunity to hark back to its glorious history. Hence Sukhbir Singh Badal’s decision to observe the 97th anniversary of the Shiromani Akali Dal on December ...

Tribune's Harish Khare shatters the editorial silence over Caravan reportage
25.11.17 - PT MEDIA CRITIC

Shattering the deafening silence in print and television media over the sensational story carried out by the Caravan magazine regarding the mysterious death of a CBI judge, The Tribune's editor-in-chief Harish Khare today treaded where many of the self-anointed brave men of letters had flinched ...

The danger of renaming a college
25.11.17 - Amandeep Sandhu

I guess we all know by now the real issue with the renaming of the Dyal Singh Majithia college in Delhi is not the name per se. It is the fact that the institution is now so low on resources, with such high number of ...

The Loot that Rajasthan Committed – An insult bigger than Bollywood’s Padmawati!
21.11.17 -

Now that Padmawati has catapulted the issue of pride of all kinds and vast sections of Rajasthani people are up in arms to fight for their pride, may be they can save more of their pride by paying Rs 16 lakh crore, estimated by some ...

Defamation a ploy to gag media, SC must revisit stance on criminal aspect
30.10.17 - By Vipin Pubby*

If at all, defamation may be treated as a civil offence, not a criminal one. Only that will end the practice of political bigwigs using it as a coercive tool to dissuade and even threaten the media.
The Editors Guild of India has expressed "deep disquiet ...

Bush, Obama said this on Diwali. Was it meant for Trump? Or Us?
19.10.17 - By Pandit Nasruddin Chichawatni

ON THE DAY of Diwali, two former presidents of the United States of America, who had not spoken in months, said stuff that many thought was actually aimed at rebuking President Donald Trump, but a number of Indians in western democracies said the message was ...


Election Commission - You Failed to Convince. Try Again.
15.10.17 - By Punjab Today Editorial Board

Most Indian newspapers, including almost all English language newspapers, today carry a story that starts something like this: "Here is why EC did not announce dates for Gujarat assembly elections." All these news reports have dutifully reported the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) A K Jyoti's ...


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