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Paranoid Nationalism Doesn’t Make Us Secure: Admiral Ramdas
27.02.16 07:37 as Politics - admiral l. ramdas, Former Chief of Naval Staff, INDIA.

I have been a proud member of the uniformed fraternity for nearly forty five years before retiring as Head of the Indian Navy in 1993. The present turbulence in our top academic institutions together with continuing manifestations of mob violence, totalitarian behaviour and intolerance, impel ...

27.02.16 06:59 as Road Traffic - kanwar manjit singh

Imagine a Boeing 747, full to capacity, crashing everyday, every single day all through the year, in India! That is happening on our roads since more than 350 people are dying every day in road accidents.  
Out of 100 road accidents in India, people die in ...

The Criticality of the Right to Dissent
26.02.16 04:44 as Politics - Amartya Sen

Text of the annual Rajendra Mathur Memorial Lecture organised by the Editors Guild of India in Delhi on February 12, 2016.

I begin on a self-indulgent note. "How is Amartya?” asked my uncle Shidhu (Jyotirmoy Sengupta) — cousin of my father — in a letter written ...

The Truth about Arvind Kejriwal
25.02.16 08:46 as General - Markandey Katju

Many people have said that I have some personal grudge against Kejriwal, and that is why I hate him. So let me reply.
I do not personally know Mr. Kejriwal, I have never met him, and have never sought any favour from him ( this can ...

War against JNU, Fake Nationalists, Lawless Lawyers and Pseudo-Patriotism
25.02.16 07:15 as Politics - A.J. PHILIP

Dictionary defines "sedition" as any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting discontent or rebellion. It also mentions that it is an "archaic" word. India is one of the few democratic countries which has a sedition law. Like many other laws, it was drafted by ...

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