Bakrid violence alert
Bakrid violence alert

With new BJP allied Governments in heartland cow belt states of UP and Bihar, and in Uttarakhand and Assam, and old BJP rule in Haryana, MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh, we should be alert for large scale violence or at least several incidents of violence at Bakrid on 2 September and in the week thereafter.

Matters are not made any better by the video circulating these days of Swami Agnivesh speaking on the Baba Ram Rahim matter at the end of which he suddenly turns around and utters a non sequitur remark about how all Muslims should voluntarily shun the practice of slaughtering animals for Qurbani this Bakrid and forever thereafter and how everyone should turn vegetarian in India.

Then there are videos like the one attached below being circulated by rabid Gau Rakshaks spreading false rumours targeting Muslim populations in specific mohallas in specific cities designed to arouse communal frenzy and cause riots.

The speaker is one Agniveer ostensibly saying 400 cows have been marked with red marks and tied before Muslim homes in Urdu Mohalla of Darbhanga for slaughter on Bakrid and threatening dire reprisal if even a tail of a cow is harmed.

The speaker claims he is on his way to Darbhanga and appeals to all Hindus who can congregate there to do so to protect the Holy Mother Cow.

The modus operandi becomes clear with these 'viral videos' ostensibly sent from far off places about specific locations in other states (whose names are not hard to get) where there is a concentration of Muslim population.

There is tension since 31/8/17 in Darbhanga town due to this video and some minor scuffles have already taken place. Prohibitory orders under Section 144 have been imposed in the city. 8 Strangers in a Scorpio were seen video filming homes and streets in Urdu Bazaar Darbhanga who speeded away when confronted, leading to an accident in which some people and some cattle were injured.

This sort of provocation is going to happen everyday in Bihar now because there is no other way the BJP can break the strong Muslim Yadav combination in this State which as Sunday's rally in Patna showed forms the backbone of Lalu Yadav's powerful and decisive vote-bank and still solidly stands behind RJD.

Unlike in UP, BJP cannot ignore the Yadav votebank in Bihar In UP Yadavs are 8% of the population and in Bihar they are 14 to 15% which combined with 17% Muslims makes for an unbeatable combination.

Yadavs being cattle rearers, the cow slaughter issue is designed to appeal to their sentiments and is deemed the best issue for weaning them away from their alliance with the Muslims cemented under Lalu Yadav's leadership.

Gauraksha seems tailormade for serving BJP's electoral and political ends in Bihar for this reason.

The writing is on the wall.

Yet we see no mass appeal from Sushaasan Babu Nitish Kumar for maintaining peace on this occasion and respecting the customs of the minority community or allaying their fears. Such videos are going viral subterraneanly and the Muslim community all over the state is curling up in fear and seething with resentment.

If the administration is unable to ensure protection to the minorities let them openly appeal to them not to perform the ritual sacrifice so that we do not have dozens of Akhlaques, Pehlu Khans and Junaids to mourn over at or after this Bakrid.

Otherwise let them get troublemakers like the maker of this video traced arrested and proceeded against and safety and security of all citizens ensured.


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