Woman's face burned after her headphone batteries exploded mid-flight
15.03.17 -

A woman has singed hair and a blackened face after her battery-operated headphones exploded mid-flight from Beijing to Melbourne.
The Australian woman had been sleeping on the plane on 19 February when she heard a loud explosion about two hours into the flight and felt her ...

You'll have to wait longer than you thought to say goodbye to 2016
29.12.16 - TEAM PT

If you are one of those people who can’t wait for 2016 to be over, then bad news – you’ll have to wait a second longer.
Clocks around the world will add one additional second to the final minute of 2016 to compensate for Earth’s rotation ...

Why Do We Love The Nonsense Talk

Robin Sharma says… "Average People Talk about People. Exceptional People Discuss Their Dreams”.
Man is a social being. He interacts and mingle with different groups of society. This interaction becomes all the more pleasant and interesting when we are sitting among our friends. We chat, laugh, ...

Having a dog is better than a workout!
24.02.16 -

Dogs are a better investment than health club memberships for those who want to lose weight, says a study. Pet owners apparently cover more miles in a year on ‘walkies’ than the average gym junkie. Those who walk their dogs also have the benefit of ...




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