A Sikh Perspective on Today’s India
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A Sikh Perspective on Today’s India

A YOUNG SIKH boy is killed in Delhi for opposing smoking in public, which is in any case against the law.

An innocent young Sikh girl is killed in a skirmish between security forces and militants in Tral in Southern Kashmir.
A Sikh NGO Khalsa Aid serving food to Rohingya Refugees living in pitiable conditions on the Bangladesh border is brutally trolled by the noxious BJP RSS army of paid trolls in the filthiest language just because most of the refugees are Muslims.

And Sikhs are sending each other Whatsapp messages clearly seeded by the RSS where Sikh Gurus, especially the Saint Soldier Guru Gobind Singh and his martyred father Guru Tegh Bahadur Saheb, are extolled as saviours of Hindu Dharma from ferocious fanatic Muslims.

After all that history has taught us and contemporary India is teaching us, will Sikhs still not understand when they are being made bloody fools out of?

When Hindus and Muslims fight with one another, Sikhs suffer collateral damage.

That is their geographical and historical legacy.
It is time some sense of pragmatic balance was restored within the community as well as in the perception and treatment of Sikhs by the rest of the country.
Therefore it is the Sikhs who always try to bring about reconciliation between the two warring factions. Yet they end up being abused and killed during rough times and brutally neglected in peace time by both communities,  and even termed as villains or enemies or traitors by each one of the two larger communities when all they want is peace and justice.

Some Sikhs use this neglect or brutality to shore up a sense of victimhood.

That is pointless.

What is needed is a clear eyed cool headed understanding of this repetitive pattern of repression, this vicious cycle of false praise and cynical abuse, and a dispassionate calling out of both kinds of distortions as and when they occur.
Let Sikhs live by the humanitarian ideals and practical wisdom of their faith and insist firmly and peacefully upon their democratic rights as Citizens of India rather than being sentimentalised one minute and victimised the next.

It is time some sense of pragmatic balance was restored within the community as well as in the perception and treatment of Sikhs by the rest of the country.

For in a world tormented by war and violence, blessed are the peacemakers!

मैं क़तरा होकर तूफ़ानों से जंग लड़ता हूँ
मुझे बचाना समंदर की ज़िम्मेदारी है
दुआ करो कि सलामत रहे मेरी हिम्मत
ये एक चराग़ कई आँधियों पे भारी है।

(The author is a retired bureaucrat who values anonymity. The article is exclusive to Punjab Today. We invite progressive minded officers and bureaucrats, serving as well as retired to contribute to the columns of Punjab Today.)

Disclaimer : and other platforms of the Punjab Today group strive to include views and opinions from across the entire spectrum, but by no means do we agree with everything we publish. Our efforts and editorial choices consistently underscore our authors' right to the freedom of speech. However, it should be clear to all readers that individual authors are responsible for the information, ideas or opinions in their articles, and very often, these do not reflect the views of or other platforms of the group. Punjab Today does not assume any responsibility or liability for the views of authors whose work appears here.

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