The Videographic Voyeurism of Cow Vigilantism in India
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The Videographic Voyeurism of Cow Vigilantism in India

There is a chilling truth that some porn video purveyors tell in Western UP which may be the same elsewhere in India too. Their customers are no longer satisfied with the usual stuff Indian or imported. They want the real MvCoy- real gang rapes videotaped in real time for real thrills. They feel this has a direct correlation to rise in such incidents of which blackmail of the victims is a lucrative byproduct from which the criminals make money.
The internet has countless instances of perverts uploading videos of themselves committing heinous crimes in a bid to gain attention and to show off their criminal prowess. 
A spooky exhibitionism even prompts some people to show their own suicides in live streaming on the internet. (
But what makes Cow Vigilantes take such graphic videos of their lynchings as one has seen in the recent case in Alwar or had witnessed earlier in Una also?
Is it merely a desire to show off their prowess or the humiliation and helplessness of their victim to others? Or to get some cheap thrills by watching it later
Evidence gathered by reputed NGOs from Gujarat where this perverted process first started suggests otherwise.
The truth is much more mundane. These videos are meant to be sent to their mentors in Hindu Extremist Organizations, operating often as single agents in specific areas of jurisdiction, to collect financial rewards.
The Videotape is evidence of task done, mission accomplished and a necessary formality for collecting the reward.
If a TV channel is prepared to pay extra for the footage, that's a bonus.
This is part time employment for restive goonish unemployed youth for whom petty crime in any case is a cottage industry.
Now , as for Civil society and the criminal investigation agency, why as the PM once famously suggested are dossiers of these Gau Rakshaks not being prepared?
Why are the paymasters not being traced named shamed and also named in FIRs systematically as conspirators?
Why are these televised videos not used as evidence to arrest and prosecute the Vigilantes?
Why are the sources of funding for these rewards not traced to their ultimate source? Why does ED then not go after that source
We need to do simple things in a matter of fact manner as per law, painstakingly instead of just shouting and beating our breasts.
Hai koyi Mai ka Lal iss desh mein jo aisey cases ko yoon document karvakar thaney se SC tak ladaayi ladey?
Search for the money trail 
Cut off the source of funds
Demolish the pay off machinery
The disease will vanish of its own accord


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