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The Beginning Of The End
03.04.17 - observer with opinion

" In my beginning is my end"
" In my end is my beginning "
(TS Eliot, The Four Quartets, East Coker)

The ominous auguries of the inevitable beginning of a long drawn out and predictably painful end of the Modi-Shah dominated Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) era of Indian politics, though not yet perhaps of the RSS project of the Hindu Rashtra, Akhand Bharat and Vishwa Guru Bharat, are casting their looming shadows over a widely and variously divided India already, and need to be objectively analysed, intensively studied and widely discussed to prepare us for potentially tumultuous times to come in the foreseeable future of our increasingly brittle and fragile Nation State at a crucial juncture in World History. 

The sudden meteoric rise of Yogi Adityanath on the horizon of Right Wing politics in India is problematic in more ways than one, for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Party President Amit Shah, ...

The scatter of Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab has perhaps the longest disclaimer in the history of films. The disclaimer has a long apology and stays on the screen for the longest time. The disclaimer carries the Central Board of Film Certification’s injunction: ‘We endorse the government and police’s efforts on the war against drugs. The war cannot be won without the efforts of the whole nation.’ The disclaimer also establishes that all characters and incidents portrayed in the film are fictional and have no relation with reality and any similarities are merely incidental. After this, the whole film seems to try very hard to fit into this disclaimer. The first sequence in Pakistan, next to the border with India, has a Discus thrower among a three-member group of smugglers. He throws a 3 kilogram packet of cocaine across the barbed wire into India. The packet freezes on screen and the title of the movie fades ...




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