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Achhe Din: Why a disabled person was assaulted in a cinema
26.10.16 - TEAM PT

A disability activist who uses a wheelchair was assaulted in India for not standing up to the national anthem being played in a cinema. The incident triggered outrage over what many say is the rise of aggressive nationalism in the country. Salil Chaturvedi, who has been using a wheelchair since 1984, recounts the incident that left him shaken.
As a wheelchair user in India, going to the cinema is not the easiest thing to do.

So my wife Monika and I, usually keep big screen cinema hall outings to the minimum.

Every once in three months, we summon up what it takes to make that journey. Some places are easy, some are hard, and needlessly so.

Anyway, that Sunday morning a few months ago we had a movie hall sojourn on our plans.


I was excited with the prospect of watching Kabali, the latest release of the superstar Rajnikant - I'd never seen a Rajnikant ...




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