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Collective conscience BADI CHEEZ HAI
03.03.16 - preet k s bedi

If ever you had ever wondered what the term ‘collective conscience’ was doing in an earlier judgement, chances are the High Court’s order on Kanhaiya’s bail application has cleared them. Assuming of course that you went beyond Manoj Kumar’s song from Upkaar which Kanhaiya would doubtless have heard with a lump in his throat as he waited to figure out whether or not he was getting bail.
Collective conscience badi cheez hai. 
It is a recent phenomenon. If it did exist earlier it did so quietly in the courts. Some say it is the democratic equivalent of the rule-by-decree system of justice; the difference being that in this case the decree is issued by blood-thirsty mobs led by media hounds in TV studios. Typically unleashes itself at around 9 every night. Mercifully usually dies a death by the following morning but on the rare occasion it has the power to engineer riots. ...




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