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Beacons No Red Flag For VIP Culture
28.03.17 - harcharan bains*

I am opposed to the importance being attached to red beacons atop official vehicles. This is nothing but tokenism. It makes no difference to the VIP mindset whether or not his vehicle carries a red light atop or not. One of the arguments advanced in favour of removing red beacons yesterday that it is a symbolic rejection of artificial distinctions between common people and the so called VIPs. Not convinced. 
Tomorrow, you might even insist policemen should be without uniforms and should dress up as common people do - because in the end even their dress becomes as a symbol of authority and a distinction between them and the common people. Its all about attitude. I can't imagine a London cop misbehaving with a layman regardless of how many beacons his official car that gives you a chase carries.
I have always thought that these so-called gestures of simplicity are nothing but ...

Arnab Goswami: Best-selling Item Number & Dada Kondke of Indian Journalism
04.11.16 - Harcharan Bains

Intelligent man that you are, Mr Goswami, I only hope that at least you know that what you are doing here in the given 20 minutes is no different from what you do on your channel: delivering a soliloquy of lies. But here, there is this justification that it is officially a soliloquy and there is no pretense of any participation by "guests" who are never allowed to speak on your programs. Anyway, except to say "We agree with you Arnab."

The other lie which you as an intelligent man would know you are telling is that media was unprofessional and spineless before you stormed the scene with your high decibel soliloquies. The only thing that it was not and has become now to some extent (thanks to your presence) is brazenly abusive and derogatory without being any more courageous and committed than before. There was a time when we thought ...




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