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Amarinder called it a
20.06.17 - S P SINGH

Whatever happened to that thing called journalism?
Farmers and agricultural labourers, even in a substantially agrarian state like Punjab, can be short-changed pretty easily by a bunch of spinmeisters, a cohort of lazy journalists, and, one is afraid, editors seemingly asleep on the job.

So, a farm loan waiver so partial in nature that it does not even cover the outstanding loans of those small farmers who committed suicide, becomes a "TOTAL WAIVER", in all caps because that is how the press release issued by the CMO was headlined.

All details and nuances, or most, go missing or are given a go by in media houses, including newspaper offices which are considered more sombre than soundbyte crazy television newsrooms.

As a result, not one newspaper mentioned that the entire category of agricultural labourers has been completely left out, and their loan, even if it was a measly Rs 10,000, will not be waived off, ...

KEY CONCERN: Do not let the heat reach Modi
11.06.17 - nischay paul

DEVENDRA Fadnavis is battling a crisis. In his state, milk tankers and vegetable-laden trucks are moving under police escort. Shivraj Chauhan, when he is not in a yoga pose, is being singed by the farmers' protests and the fallout of the killing of farmers in police firing.
The Maharashtra Chief Minister is talking of a "never seen before" Rs30,500 crore ($4.7 billion) debt waiver to write off the loans of 3.2 million farmers. Shivraj Chauhan is reminding everyone not yet killed in firing that his state saw an average agriculture growth of 9.7 percent over the last 10 years, and in the last five years, it grew at 14.2 percent. 

In Uttar Pradesh, farmer protests are not dying down despite Yogi Adityanath's move to waive off Rs36,359 crore worth of debt of 94 lakh small, marginal farmers.
In Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar is gearing up to deal with the upcoming farmers' agitation. 

Given these ...




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