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Give Kashmir a ceasefire
26.05.17 15:30 as H K Dua - H K Dua*

Remember how Vajpayee government touched hearts with a similar move 
Several prominent citizens from different walks of life have called for a declaration of ceasefire in Kashmir during the month of Ramzan, beginning on Friday. Their appeal needs to be immediately heeded, both by the Centre ...

The Killings in Kashmir
12.07.16 05:50 as J & K - KAVITA KRISHNAN

An appeal to the conscience of every Indian citizen - to tune down the shrill media noise for a bit, take a step back from the easy, packaged 'discourse' being dished out, and ask try and ask ourselves some uncomfortable but necessary questions. 
I am being ...

Communities and nations are formed by symbols.
25.02.16 06:58 as Politics - Amandeep Sandhu

I am sure the bhaktas and the BJP will maintain a long silence over this, but that is exactly why problems in Punjab fester and blow out of proportion: why was the Sikh regiment not part of the Republic Day parade?
The Punjab CM Badal, whose ...




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