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Stand Up India, after Swachh Bharat, Make in India, Digital India. Who is accountable?
22.04.16 - preet k s bedi

Even his worst critics will not accuse Modi of not having tried hard; some say he works for over 18 hours a day. And yet, from the aam aadmi to the captains of industry, most are dissatisfied with the quality and speed of change. While ...

The decline of Punjab: Blame it on its past and present rulers
21.04.16 - Mohan Guruswamy

Mohan Guruswamy (pictured below), Chairman, Centre for Policy Alternatives, New Delhi, has touched the raw nerve of Punjab in his article which appeared in Scroll.in on April 20, 2016. We are reproducing the same in toto with the hope that there will be a healthy ...

Why Baba Ramdev Would Do Well To Go Into Vanvaas
07.04.16 - Swami Agnivesh

Ramdev shocks me. Truly. Utterly. Un-bearably. His saffron shocks me. It makes his words all the more shocking. Saffron is the colour either of self-sacrifice or of inspired bravery. He seems light years away from both. It is blatant cowardice to say one would love ...

India’s finest legislation. Aborted by the political class and bureaucracy out of fear. And by you and me out of apathy
06.04.16 - preet k s bedi

1984 Delhi, 2733 dead. Only 49 convicted for murder/  2002 Gujarat, 1260 dead.  Only 225 convictions/  2013 Muzaffarnagar, 63 dead. All five judgments so far resulted in acquittal./ 2016 Haryana, 28 dead. Reports suggest police is unable to find witnesses willing to testify against their ...




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