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Three years on, PDP-BJP alliance sailing smooth; Ram Madhav makes room for Mehbooba’s domestic constituency
25.02.18 - S Pal & Nischay Pal*

AT A TIME when the BJP and the PDP are taking diametrically opposite positions on some of the most crucial questions and issues faced by Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP today committed itself again to the alliance, calling it smooth.

"(I)n spite of (all the) ideological ...

A visit that helped Amarinder complete a journey
Deconstructing Trudeau in Punjab
23.02.18 - S Pal

PUNJAB CHIEF MINISTER Amarinder Singh finally did throw a spanner in Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau's India visit plans, and while he did meet the dignitary, the Congress leader emerged as a strong nationalist voice dedicated to the territorial integrity of India, ready to wrestle anyone ...

Readying a saffron generation
20.02.18 - Latha Jishnu

BREAD and circuses kept the people happy and distracted in the twilight of the Roman Republic just before the rise of the Roman Empire. Satirist Juvenal called it the panem et circenses (bread and circuses) way of governance: providing cheap wheat while mounting costly shows ...

Flattening Democracy In The Name of Good Governance
12.02.18 - Vipin Pubby

STATE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS are due in five states this year, in double that number of states besides the Lok Sabha elections next year, in three states during 2020 and in six states the following year. There has been no year in the recent past when ...

RENUKA'S LAUGHTER: Thank you for your guffaws. We needed this non-violent weapon.
11.02.18 - By Sanehead*

I AM SO GLAD Renuka Choudhury laughed and laughed uninhibitedly, laughed loud and long, at Narendra Modi’s extraordinary claims in the Parliament.

I am glad, even if sounded like a cackle, or seemed hysterical - for it was a full throated mature woman's honest, instinctive and ...

Rise above personal vindication, Mr Suresh Kumar. For Punjab.
11.02.18 - kanwar manjit singh

MUCH OF PUNJAB's political discourse in the past few weeks revolved around the fate of one retired bureaucrat whose appointment was quashed by the high court. 

Will he come back to his post or not, is a question Punjab's politicians, media, legal luminaries and political pundits ...

Today, in a few hours, perhaps in the afternoon, the society will change. Therefore, I apologise!
04.02.18 - S Pal

(I have a very repetitive news writing style on Mondays. Please bear with me. – Author)
THIS IS HOW a society sets up a system of justice dispensation, punitive norms, acceptable behaviour and a bar of forgiveness. Once the citizenry accepts that system collectively, it starts ...




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