FAQ on the cold blooded killings
The Assassination of Dissent
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The Assassination of Dissent

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on the cold blooded killing at 8:30 pm yesterday of Gauri Lankesh, strong independent journalist based in Bangalore.
Q: After Dabholkar, Kalburgi and Pansare, Gauri , the daughter of eminent independent journalist , late P Lankesh, who was editor of the Kannada periodical, Gauri Lankesh Patrike, her version of the legacy of her father's Lankesh Patrike, and  always stood for courageous dissent with the establishment , is shot dead in cold blood outside her home in Bengaluru.
Is this the shape of things to come for all of us who have any brains left in India ?
A: Indeed. It doesn't seem to be our country any more. India has become a banana republic. We've been hijacked by a mad medievalist cult - a killer cult.
Q: Do you think that this will harm the BJP?
A: They are beyond caring. Their modus operandi goes far beyond the ballot box.
Q: But in terms of public opinion which then translates into votes, would some sections of the educated middle class turn away from Modi and BJP?
A: These are very small things in the mad rush to build a Hindu Rashtra. The middle class stands totally brainwashed. When you can buy a ready won mandate, as the BJP has done in Arunachal, Goa, Manipur, and even a huge heartland State like Bihar 20 months after General elections, why care about who the idiot voter votes for?
This occult-cult governed Party is hardly even political - they are power-seizing buccaneers. They need to have the control of India and the Indian Mind in their hands, by hook or by crook.
Q: Could this incident have something to do with the induction of RSS firebrand Anant Hegde, known for getting away with violence against doctors, and issuing open threats to anti-Hindutva forces, into the Union Council of Ministers?
A: The Congress is in power in Karnataka but has shown no enthusiasm in tracking the killers of Kalburgi who have been identified but seem to have vanished into thin air.
Gauri had been outspoken in her criticism of wrong actions of all political parties including Congress, BJP and JD-U and also of corrupt bureaucrats. She had been vocal in her opposition of Hindutva ideology.
She was out on bail after having been rather shockingly convicted of defamation for criticising RSS ideology in a case filed by BJP MP from Dharwad, Karnataka, Prahlad Joshi and BJP leader from Karnataka, Umesh Dushi , and sentenced to six months imprisonment and a fine of Rs 6000/-
With elections approaching in Karnataka the attempts at polarisation by the BJP can be expected, but it appears they may also resort to intimidation and outright assassinations as they have done in Kerala. North and South Kannara districts on the Kerala Border with considerable Christian and Muslim population, where Anant Hegde has considerable following among the Hindutva Brigade have been experiencing a pattern of hooliganism and violence similar to RSS activities in Kerala.
Courts have remarked upon the similarity in the modus operandi in the murder of rationalists and leftist thinkers Dabholkar and Pansare in Maharashtra and it seems that the killers might actually have been the same persons and backed by the same set of people.
This can be extended into neighbouring Karnataka and the same design and same method can be seen in the assassinations of independent and rational public intellectuals and thinkers Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh also.
Gauri had recently said clearly that supari killing of leftists and intellectuals had become a clear threat and needed to be investigated and acted against.
It is very clear that Hindutva Forces under a clear and centrally coordinated pattern are first intimidating and trolling, then legally embroiling and finally cold bloodedly assassinating all public intellectuals who are educating people against the poisonous and destructive nature of RSS - BJP 's Hindutva ideology.
Media People and Professors and students will increasingly be targeted by them, while their own RSS backed killers like Col Prasad Purohit, Pragya Thakur, Swami Aseemanand and Maya Kodnani will be let lose to spread more and more communal violence in the country.
In short, those who do not get convinced by Hindutva will be intimidated into accepting it, or outright assassinated.
If this is not totalitarianism, what is?
Q: Why do you think she did not formally complain of hate speech and threats against her on social media to the state authorities or ask for security?
A: She said she had too much other work to do. But are such formal complaints really required ?
And do they help or only act as means of weighing down the complainants with unsustainable police guards for some time, who actually act as spies for the establishment and restrict the movement of the so called protected person, leaving him or her even more vulnerable when they are inevitably withdrawn?
Why is it that the state does not take suo moto notice of such hate speech and threats on the net against public intellectuals and file cases against them when they are so prompt in case of posts critical of the ruling dispensation?
Is it any secret that Journalists such as Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, John Dayal; leftist intellectuals Kavita Krishnan, Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid, Umar Khalid ; Professors like Prabhat Patnaik, Romila Thapar, Nandini Sundar, Nivedita Narain and others like them are subjected to hate- speech , abusive posts , dirty trolling  and dire threats?
Are not thousands of independent thinkers in this country,  who post on social media, subjected to systematic trolling and threats of rape and murder by a coordinated army of trolls?
Are not such people active on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp spreading hate?
Are we doing anything about it?
Well then, anyone who is left in this country who is capable of independent thinking and articulation can legitimately consider herself or himself under threat from this day onwards.
RSS or bust - that's the single mantra we must all chant, or risk being lynched, shot, raped or at the very least abused and trolled in the crudest and ugliest fashion imaginable.
The thought police is out to get the freethinkers.


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