NEET Controversy
The selectively suicidal state of the Indian union
The selectively suicidal state of the Indian union

How many more Rohit Vemula's and S Anitha's will have to die before this country's conscience wakes up ?

We need more of S Anitha's ilk, many many more, so that the poor on India's rural and urban areas can have access to decent medical care, and the doctor to patient ratio in the country can reach anywhere close to WHO standards.

It is only when large numbers of doctors are produced by India, who come from poor deprived marginalised backgrounds that there is any chance that the poor deprived and marginalised will have any chance of getting proper empathetic and compassionate healthcare.

When the so called meritocracy of the small fraction of upper castes get into prized medical colleges with or without "donation" which poor students like S Anitha, the motherless daughter of a labourer, can not afford - nor could she afford expensive NEET coaching- what do they do?

They get their MBBS degrees even PG degrees and go abroad for the rest of their lives to earn hefty sums, lead high quality lifestyles, and serve the well healed populace of developed nations, eager to quit this "hellish underdeveloped corrupt" country of ours- and often their aging parents as well!

Or they set up Private Clinics and nursing homes, often while bagging and keeping government jobs as well, in Metros or other urban agglomerations, and leech off the Government Health system for at least a few years, giving short shrift to their poor patients at PHC's and Govt Hospitals while luring them to their private clinics for proper treatment if they can afford to be fleeced, and leaving them to fate if they cannot.
 It is only when large numbers of doctors are produced by India, who come from poor deprived marginalised backgrounds, that there is any chance that the poor deprived and marginalised will have any chance of getting proper empathetic and compassionate healthcare.
The elite in India including doctors, learn to callously ignore suffering and death around them as they prance around Rotary and Lions and Other clubs and charitable organisations getting crowned as Saawan Kings and Queens, or Made for Each other couples, and the likes while currying favour with the oligarchic bureaucracy and politicians, and eating the cream off Big Pharma's PR gifts and luxury holidays across the globe for pushing their drugs and medical equipment, good, bad and mediocre or indifferent, in their respective practices.

We do not really need such "corporate jet setting doctors", but we have to suffer them.

We will have to keep suffering at the hands of these insufferable, unpatriotic, inhumane, money grubbing Drug- pushers, till we train a huge army of S Anitha's and S Amit's or S Aziz's and S Ameena's to go out like the barefoot doctors of China and replace our LMP's or jhola chhaap quacks in rural areas, ration the number of private clinics in urban areas to bring about doctor- patient ratio parity between rural and urban populations, and put an embargo on immigration of doctors trained in Indian medical college till such time as we have a surplus.
How much longer will the vast majority of Indians continue to be cheated by the unholy oligarchic nexus between its elites which keeps 85% of its poor, rural and backward population deprived of higher and technical/medical education and resultant services that they are entitled to?

Is Indian meritocracy created only to service the populace of developed ?

Is this not neo-colonialism in a devilish cunning form ?

Why do we have such an affinity for the populace developed nations and so little for our own ?

Even the racial and religious differences of the foreign populace do not put off our hypocritical Brahmanical Sankritised elite in foreign lands, while caste and sectarian differences put them off millions of their own countrymen. And these NRIs have the cheek to call themselves patriotic and are being given voting rights in india because they give out convenient doles to political parties that shore up their elitist agenda.

Shame on such an intellectually enslaved oligarchic nexus.

It is against them that the Rohit Vemulas and S Anithas will have to lead the next War of India's Real Indedendence !


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