War against the State?
War against the State?

WHY DO WE not understand, that the incidents of August 25 in Panchkula and other parts of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi constitute pre planned war against the State of India as by Law established, including its entire judicial system and peaceful citizens by an outlaw called Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his trained army of followers?

They defied the courts of law, the prohibitory orders of the state, disrupted normal life, attacked innocent citizens, unlawfully entered people's homes, burnt government offices, public transport, media vans, railway trains and offered armed resistance to the Army as well as other armed forces of the State and assaulted officers of the Law. They rioted unashamedly and uncontrollably without any regard to the law of the land and waged civil war against their fellow citizens.

They did this in four states and two union territories.

The Army had to be called in to control them.

This was an armed insurrection against the State of India and its law abiding citizens, courts and armed forces by a group of trained and organised outlaws bound together by a dangerous semi-religious, semi-political ideology at the pre planned instigation of their so-called Godman cult leader, a convicted criminal, designed to bring elected governments, armed forces created by law, and courts created under the constitution of India to their knees to further the criminal interests and feed the megalomania of their rogue leader who is running a parallel government of his own.

Why is the main Dera at Sirsa not being thoroughly searched?

Is time being given to Dera management to spirit away money, arms and objectionable substances, materials and papers?

Computers mobiles and pen drives as well soft discs kept there also should be seized.

Why is it that Captain Amarinder got all Deras in Punjab searched, and Naam Charcha ghars have been sealed, but not the main hub at Sirsa?

Army is marching all around it; Sirsa experienced arson and killing on August 25, yet the main Dera is not being touched.

This casts doubts on the intentions of the Govt of Haryana which seems to be in cahoots with the Dera Chief.

The DGP of Haryana has himself admitted to recovery of Pistols, Assault Rifles, even AK 47's from the Dera supporters, but even then the main dera has been left untouched.

The Private Militia and armed Commandos of the Dera Chief's private security force needs to be delicensed if the Home Department of Haryana has licensed it- otherwise it is in itself illegal- and should be disarmed and disbanded immediately.

Otherwise they will continue to hold security forces of the Government to ransom whenever they please.

Evidence of the criminal conspiracy or in fact war against the state or Union of India should be collected not destroyed.

The Dera Chief must be named the main accused and chief conspirator in the case and speedily tried.

If no government has the guts to lodge such a case, the Supreme Court of India should take suo moto cognisance of this matter.


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