Intolerant or too tolerant
- Mandeep Singh
Intolerant or too tolerant

The bad guys haughtily beat the hero and leave him with livid bruises. Hero recovers with the thought of vengeance in his mind. Soon, the hero valiantly strikes back and gives bad guys the taste of their own medicine and in the end, good wins over the bad and the justice is served. 

The above lines can very conveniently encapsulate the plot line of any typical 90's bollywood drama. But now welcome to 2017. In 2017, members of a fringe group, Rajput Karni Sena ferociously hounds upon a national award winning director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali because according to them, his latest project, Padmavati is showing "distorted history” and Rani Padmavati very derogatorily. 

Obviously, members of Karni Sena never bothered to read the script of the movie or ask for it. They are not aware of the fact that Bhansali directed an opera on Rani Padmavati in 2008 in Paris which was a huge success. 

While the entire film fraternity and people from other spheres of life have been very vocal in expressing their anger and concern and at the same time bluntly condemning the violent practice of Karni Sena, CM of Rajasthan, Vasundhra Raje has kept mum throughout the entire episode. 

According to recent reports, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is trying to resolve the issue with Karni Sena. One can very well argue that why does he need to give in so easily. He is an influential man, after all. But at the end of the day, he is a director who is answerable to his producers and his entire team. Most importantly, an artist wants his product to reach his audience. If bending a little prevents his ambitious project from a total disaster, he would definitely do it.

Last year, Bhansali was honored with Padma Shri which is the fourth highest civilian award in India. Instances like these become very ironical since till now, no government representative or official has openly come out in support of Bhansali.

The main idea of movies, theater, books or any form of art is to convey the message and views of the artist by representing life through their work. Without going into any legal technicalities, each citizen has some basic fundamental rights to express their opinion, do what they feel right as long as they are not inflicting any harm to others. Then, who are these people who ruthlessly indulge in the practice of jingoism and hooliganism from time to time in the name of nationalism? Out of everyone, artists, writers, comedians and filmmakers must be granted the ‘dramatic license’ to follow their creative instinct and deliver a product of their own choice.

The famous dialogue of movie, Rang De Basanti – Zindagi Jeene Ke Do Hi Tarike Hote Hain Jo Ho Raha Hai Hone Do Bardast Karte Jaao Ya Phir Jimedari Uthao Usse Badalne Ki(Either suffer in silence or take the responsibility to change things around you) cannot become more relevant, today. It is unjust to label India as an ‘intolerant’ nation. Over the years, the problem with us is that we have become too tolerant of everything that is happening around us. India is not an intolerant nation at all. India is a too tolerant nation.

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