Ek Baat Bataaein, Lordship Swatantra Kumar, Head of NGT ji,
- preet k s bedi
Ek Baat Bataaein, Lordship Swatantra Kumar, Head of NGT ji,

Your appetite for humiliation is a private matter between you and your mirror. It concerns us only because you hold a public position and no matter how vacuous your judgements may be, we have to show respect to you.
You passed an order against the Art of Living which in simple English acknowledges they have taken no permissions, they are breaking every rule and they will destroy the environment. And then ends up saying all is forgotten, yaar, go ahead and have a ball. Thank god the lady with the scales and a band over her eyes is only a stone structure. Had she been real the band around her eyes would be moist.
You asked them to pay 5 cr. Within three hours Sri Sri cocked his snook at you and said jo karna hai kar le, I wont pay. Wonder how as a judge you can accept that. Sir aapki izzat mein hamari izzat hai. We appointed you na.
But wait a minute. Your Lordship you are an experienced man. Ek baat bataaein. Have you ever ever heard of any one with influence making a payment for a show after the show is over? What kind of an order did you pass anyway? Who were you fooling? Not him for sure; he responded immediately. Ah so you were fooling us? Theek hai ji we are worth that only. 
By the way there was some talk of a fait accompli having been presented to you at the last hour. That’s true. What could you do in the last minute? 
Really? Kiski kheenchte hain sir?
Remember April 2013? You banned all construction within 10 kms of the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. For those personally affected it was bad news but for others it was like the Return of Bin Tughlaq. Okhla Bird sanctuary? The total number of birds on the tree outside my bedroom window is more than the mythical OBS which hasn’t existed for decades. Not for me to go into your motives but let me tell you what actually happened after you passed the order and went to play your golf.
Work came to a standstill on all the projects. Out of the total of 75000 odd flats affected, approx 20,000 were ready for occupation which your cussed order ensured would not get completion certificate. Pensioners, widows and families who had scrounged for years to move into their own houses had to rent accommodation. You made it to many dinner tables I promise you. And you should be thankful that at least a third of our people are vegetarians. 
Were those ready-made flats not a fait accompli, your Lordship? In fact they were more ready than the jamboree you have taken responsibility for would be even when it is thrown open. Or was it just a sexy camera moment when you could flash your tough judge credentials?
But what happened to the tough judge when Fart of India came before you? Much of the bravado dissipated?
You can redeem a bit, not all your izzat, by insisting that Fart of Living pay up or else. If you don't, we will know your toughness is only for those who are helpless.
Sorry but Satyamev Jayate. The truth must win.
PS. Since Satyamev Jayate I have chosen to stay with the truth and call it Fart of Living. At the Edge of Yamuna. Hope you don’t mind, though yes, its obnoxious


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