Punjab is Silent as India Wakes Up to Talk of Refugees, Migration, Issues of Citizenship
Refugee se refugee mile, kar kar chotte haath
30.07.18 - S PAL

 Indian national media’s top story finds no mention in Punjab newspapers, TV
PUNJAB IS A land of the refugees. Certainly, a large number of refugees. Partition meant that millions were displaced, and forced to trudge their way into the Indian Punjab, Delhi, Jammu, parts of Rajasthan ...

When those who report elections go to the polls!
24.03.18 - PT BUREAU

JOURNALISTS IN THE city of Chandigarh, home to the governments of Punjab and Haryana as well as the Chandigarh Union Territory, have been in the throes of an exciting, adrenalin-pumping, competitive and no-holds-barred joust — the elections to the Chandigarh Press Club.

It is a travesty ...

World Press Freedom Day 2017: From death threats to bans to beheading, how free is press?
03.05.17 - Chanchal Chauhan*

From death threats to bans, from censorship to beheading by the terror groups such as ISIS, journalists all over the world have been through and go through a lot, each day. With all the news of curbing press’ right to know, to say it out ...

Welcome the Eventocracy, tracked by Comedia
31.12.16 - Ravish Kumar*

We live in an "eventocracy”. This is a new form of democracy where there is nothing greater than the event. Any policy announcement has so many events that people have begun to believe in the arrival of an avatar. They believe a divine voice is ...

Arnab Goswami: Best-selling Item Number & Dada Kondke of Indian Journalism
04.11.16 - Harcharan Bains

Intelligent man that you are, Mr Goswami, I only hope that at least you know that what you are doing here in the given 20 minutes is no different from what you do on your channel: delivering a soliloquy of lies. But here, there is ...




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