The Akali Dal's Defence & The Holes In That
15.12.17 - kanwar manjit singh

THE AKALI DAL'S DEFENCE in the case filed by Balwant Singh Khera in the Delhi High Court falls back on the Election Commission's refusal to take action against the political party. 

While Prashant Bhushan argued that even on the SGPC's own website, an Akali had been ...

Akali Dal – Abhi to party shuru huyee hai...
13.12.17 - NISCHAY PAL

WITH CIVIC ELECTIONS LOOMING, and finding itself in a confrontationist posture, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has finally found an opportunity to hark back to its glorious history. Hence Sukhbir Singh Badal’s decision to observe the 97th anniversary of the Shiromani Akali Dal on December ...

Tribune's Harish Khare shatters the editorial silence over Caravan reportage
25.11.17 - PT MEDIA CRITIC

Shattering the deafening silence in print and television media over the sensational story carried out by the Caravan magazine regarding the mysterious death of a CBI judge, The Tribune's editor-in-chief Harish Khare today treaded where many of the self-anointed brave men of letters had flinched ...

The danger of renaming a college
25.11.17 - Amandeep Sandhu

I guess we all know by now the real issue with the renaming of the Dyal Singh Majithia college in Delhi is not the name per se. It is the fact that the institution is now so low on resources, with such high number of ...

The Loot that Rajasthan Committed – An insult bigger than Bollywood’s Padmawati!
21.11.17 -

Now that Padmawati has catapulted the issue of pride of all kinds and vast sections of Rajasthani people are up in arms to fight for their pride, may be they can save more of their pride by paying Rs 16 lakh crore, estimated by some ...

Defamation a ploy to gag media, SC must revisit stance on criminal aspect
30.10.17 - By Vipin Pubby*

If at all, defamation may be treated as a civil offence, not a criminal one. Only that will end the practice of political bigwigs using it as a coercive tool to dissuade and even threaten the media.
The Editors Guild of India has expressed "deep disquiet ...

Bush, Obama said this on Diwali. Was it meant for Trump? Or Us?
19.10.17 - By Pandit Nasruddin Chichawatni

ON THE DAY of Diwali, two former presidents of the United States of America, who had not spoken in months, said stuff that many thought was actually aimed at rebuking President Donald Trump, but a number of Indians in western democracies said the message was ...


Election Commission - You Failed to Convince. Try Again.
15.10.17 - By Punjab Today Editorial Board

Most Indian newspapers, including almost all English language newspapers, today carry a story that starts something like this: "Here is why EC did not announce dates for Gujarat assembly elections." All these news reports have dutifully reported the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) A K Jyoti's ...


On a day India's Supreme Court stood up for girl child, Pak law makers let her down
12.10.17 - PT FOREIGN DESK

India Shamed Pakistan on Wednesday. Once again. Without uttering a single bad word. This is how a better democracy works — by winning the day without hatred, without communalism, and being eternally progressive and liberal. Incidentally, October 11 was International Day of the Girl Child. ...

She slept with Langah. Don't sympathise with her.

A WOMAN COMPLAINED against a minister, claiming years of exploitation. Alongside her complaint, she submitted a video. Sucha Singh Langah is now in jail, his party cleansed itself by expelling Langah, and a religion protected its purity by excommunicating him.

A leading playwright of Punjab, Pali ...

President Ram Nath Kovind, please take back his gallantry medal
06.10.17 - kanwar manjit singh

IF THE PRESIDENT of India gives a gallantry medal to a police officer for recovering "deadly weapons" and arresting "indiscriminate shooters," and later a court finds that it was a complete lie, should the President not withdraw the medal?

Amod Kanth was the only IPS officer ...

Sucha Singh Langah — Kamaal Jaari Hai...
05.10.17 - Agiyani Pal

THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH Texas President tried, without success, to cancel a speech by Donald Trump Jr. slated for October.  
"I am trying to stop it, but it isn’t an easy thing,” Neal Smatresk, president of the university in Denton, Texas, said in an email to ...

Hindustan Times' Hate Tracker will no more track hate?

New Delhi: India's leading English language daily newspaper, Hindustan Times, which had started a special crowd-sourced national database of hate crimes, is losing its zeal for tracking hate. 

Senior Hindustan Times staffers have been instructed by HT's Chief Content Officer (yes, they have such a post), ...

Patiala, via Panchkula. Soon Reaching Your City. Hail Democracy!
20.09.17 - Kamjaat Singh

Welcome to Panchkula - now in Patiala. Very soon in your own city also. Just plan a protest.

Farmers have announced that they plan to protest in front of the private residence of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. 
They could come in thousands, and they may actually ...

Political economy of extension in age of retirement
13.09.17 - Dr. Pyara Lal Garg

THE TOTAL EXPECTED Revenue receipts of Punjab Government for the year 2017-18 as per Budget estimates are to the tune of Rs. 60,080 crore, while the estimated expenditure is Rs. 74,864 Crore. Revenue deficit is pegged at Rs. 14784 Crore which is 3.18% of the ...

The Gorakhpur Dead Speak to Punjab
11.09.17 - Awagyakrit Singh

BETWEEN AUGUST 7 and August 11, 60 children died in Gorakhpur's BRD Hospital. On the single night of August 10, 23 children died. This is the night when the oxygen supply allegedly dried up. On two days of Aug 29 and 30, 42 kids died ...

The Assassination of Dissent
FAQ on the cold blooded killings
06.09.17 - sanehead

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on the cold blooded killing at 8:30 pm yesterday of Gauri Lankesh, strong independent journalist based in Bangalore.
Q: After Dabholkar, Kalburgi and Pansare, Gauri , the daughter of eminent independent journalist , late P Lankesh, who was editor of the Kannada periodical, ...

The selectively suicidal state of the Indian union
NEET Controversy
01.09.17 - SANEHEAD

How many more Rohit Vemula's and S Anitha's will have to die before this country's conscience wakes up ?

We need more of S Anitha's ilk, many many more, so that the poor on India's rural and urban areas can have access to decent medical care, ...

Bakrid violence alert
01.09.17 - SANEHEAD

With new BJP allied Governments in heartland cow belt states of UP and Bihar, and in Uttarakhand and Assam, and old BJP rule in Haryana, MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh, we should be alert for large scale violence or at least several incidents of violence ...

Dera through the Punjab lens
Need to urgently address disquiet over multiple crises
29.08.17 - Amandeep Sandhu

It was a decade ago that the shroud of banality ‘Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan’ spun fell on Punjab, in particular the Sikh community. I saw it first-hand in the summer of 2007 when my mother lay dying from stage IV cancer in ...

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