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Avoid Re-using Disposable Plastic Bottles
It's Harmful;
27.06.17 - team pt

While drinking plenty of water is good, refilling that plastic bottle again and again could actually be doing more harm than good.
That's because the plastic bottle you're constantly replenishing isn't made to be re-filled - meaning it could have the potential to leach chemicals and ...

Wanna Drink? Fine! But Please Avoid With Non-Doctors, Says IMA
'Practice what you preach'
26.06.17 - team pt

The recent advisory released by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) directs doctors to avoid drinking with non-doctors to promote healthy living and become "brand ambassadors of health" for the society. This advisory intends to spread awareness among the people of the disadvantages of consuming alcohol ...

Green Your Religion
16.06.17 - Ramanpreet Kaur

When was the last time you asked abut the carbon footprint of a Nagar Kirtan? Or enquired whether the temple or the gurdwara near your home adopts environmentally good practices in langar cooking? When Punjabis forgot their Hindu, Sikh affiliations and fought as one in ...

Punjab’s Cancer Trains and Chemical Addiction
13.06.17 - harleen kaur

On a scorching June afternoon in Jhajjal village in southwestern Punjab, elderly men have gathered in a communal courtyard to quell the boredom of the long afternoon with a game of cards. The cotton crop has been sown, and the farmers have a few weeks’ ...

Pb Health Min directs Civil Surgeons to ensure tree plantation in all government hospitals
04.06.17 - team pt

The Minister for Health and Family Welfare Punjab Brahm Mohindra today, ordered all civil surgeons to plant trees in the government hospitals to mark celebrations on ‘World Environment  Day”.
In a statement issued here, Health Minister said that in order to protect atmosphere as well as ...




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