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Give up sugar for just nine days to improve health
25.02.16 - PT Team

The study, published by the journal Obesity, substituted the sugar intake of 43 obese children with starch and claims to have demonstrated sugar is dangerous not because of its calories but because of the strain it places on the body's metabolism.
Study author Robert Lustig, paediatric ...

The new spin on skin care
24.02.16 -

You could be paying heavily for anti-wrinkle creams that don’t really work, say researchers in the US. Women here say they want the luxe treatment
Researchers who tried out the cream for 12 weeks on women between the age of 30 and 70,
found the ...

Having a dog is better than a workout!
24.02.16 -

Dogs are a better investment than health club memberships for those who want to lose weight, says a study. Pet owners apparently cover more miles in a year on ‘walkies’ than the average gym junkie. Those who walk their dogs also have the benefit of ...




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