Rama, the great grandfather of the Indian Nation (which includes Pakistan and Bangladesh)

I have called Mughal Emperor Akbar (1542-1605) the Father of the Indian Nation (see my article ‘Emperor Akbar—the real Father of the Indian Nation’ in my blog Satyam Bruyat). 

I have also called Emperor Ashoka (who ruled from 268 to 232 B.C.) the grandfather of the ...

The Ibadat-khana function

The Indian community in Dallas, Texas decided to hold Eid-Diwali Milan on 9th November, and that gave me the idea that people in the Bay Area of California (where I am presently located) can also have a similar function, but including celebration of Gurpurab and ...

A load off your shoulders, 77 kilograms to be exact
Thanks, But NO Thanks!
26.09.19 - kanwar manjit singh

September 26 is an important day in my life’s timeline. This year, I marked it once again but with a decision I have been long mulling over. To me, it was significant, though it could be a passing trifle for others.
As you may well know, ...

An open letter from Stray Dogs to the Prime Minister
18.09.19 - A STRAY DOG

Dear Prime Minister,

You are our guardian. We may not be able to cast the votes, but the Constitution of India has given us the Right to Life. The Supreme Court and few High Courts have also pronounced several decisions in our favor. Despite this, in ...

Flat numbering in Sector 48 is recipe for confusion
27.06.19 - Y.S. RANA

CHANDIGARH—There are a number of confusing puzzles surrounding us. Some of which are solved more easily than the others. The big one of course is, allotment of same number to two flats in a big has become a recipe for confusion. The cooperative housing societies’ ...

20 million years old tree fossil found in Kasauli
07.06.19 - Y.S. RANA

In reality there are not many around the area that understand the importance of Kasauli site. New found in Garkhal in Himachal Pradesh by Dr Ritesh Arya, an international fame Geologist, shows that it is buried under the ravages of time and witness to the ...

No online food order to be delivered in Punjab without hygiene rating
30.05.19 - TEAM PT

Moving ahead on the quality food assurance agenda of Tandrust Punjab Mission, Brahm Mohindra, Health Minister Punjab has directed all the Online Food Order and Supply Companies to display the hygiene rating of all the Food Business Operators registered/affiliated with them. Giving three months for ...

Kaise Acche Din: India way behind Pakistan, China, Bangladesh
UN World Happiness Report 2019
23.03.19 - Team PT

In the UN World Happiness Report 2019 released by the United Nations, India has slipped down by 7 places vis-a-vis last year among the happiest nations in the world. In what should be a matter of concern, India falls in the bottom half, ranking at ...

Punjab to declare Indus River Dolphin as State Aquatic Animal
01.02.19 - Team PT

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Friday gave the nod to declaring the endangered Indus River Dolphin, found only in Beas River India, as Punjab State Aquatic Animal.

Chairing the 2nd Meeting of State Board for Wildlife here, Captain Amarinder Singh said that the ...

Campaign against Privatisation of Health and Education
30.01.19 - TEAM PT

CHANDIGARH, JANUARY 30: Today, representatives of various people’s organisations and other medical doctors, public health experts, researchers, professors and other social activists from Punjab & Chandigarh and other parts of the country met to discuss recent move to privatize health and education in Punjab and ...

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