Punjab govt issues fresh guidlines to check rise of dengue
20.10.17 - TEAM PT

OCTOBER 20: Determined to detect and prevent the outbreak of epidemics such as Dengue and Chikungunya, and expedite pre-emptive measures at early stages, the Health and Family Welfare Department today issued a set of fresh guidelines to the Indian Medical Association, Punjab and all private ...

Aye Bhayee, Bina Dekhe Chalo. On Oct 12, in Chandigarh
10.10.17 - By Chakshan Charun

WHERE DOES IT start? Muscles tense. One leg a pillar, holding the body upright between the earth and the sky. The other a pendulum, swinging from behind. Heel touches down. The whole weight of the body rolls forward onto the ball of the foot. The ...

Civil surgeons' performance will be evaluated on every fortnight: Brahm Mohindra
21.09.17 - TEAM PT

CHANDIGARH: In a bid to streamline working and the delivery of quality health services, The Punjab Government has made Civil Surgeons personally responsible on various accounts. Now the working of the Civil Surgeons would be evaluated on every fortnight, on the basis of set of guidelines, ...

Health Minister announces cashless Cancer treatment for children
‘Childhood Cancer Month’
15.09.17 - TEAM PT

Patiala: The Health and Family Welfare Minister Brahm Mohindra today announced to extend cashless cancer treatment for the children at the 18 empanelled hospitals during state level workshop on ‘paediatric oncology stakeholder sensitization’ for the stakeholder, Medical Officers and ANMs held at Patiala.
Addressing keynote today ...

Health minister questions the practice of referring case from one hospital to another
Orders In Depth Investigation Of All Such Cases
13.09.17 - TEAM PT

CHANDIGARH: Brahm Mohindra, Health & Family Welfare Minister has taken a serious note of the practice of referring one patient to another hospital and ordered an in depth investigation of all such cases where the patients have been referred to another hospitals on one pretext or ...

NYT reported this riot in Noida, your newspaper did not
21.07.17 - PT Bureau

Outside of Delhi, the Indian media has largely ignored this reportage, much in keeping with the average Indian middle class' attitude of ignoring an issue that comes to its homes every morning and remains there for many hours. An issue called maid, house help, servant, ...

Bengaluru man plays guitar while doctors perform surgery on his brain
20.07.17 - TEAM PT

In the first ever Live Brain Circuit Surgery performed in India, doctors operated on a musician as he strummed his guitar. Surgeons carefully burnt parts of his brain to relieve the young musician of a neurological movement disorder that cramped fingers on his left hand.
The ...

10-year-old Rape victim will have to carry pregnancy to term after Chandigarh Court rejects abortion plea
19.07.17 - TEAM PT

A Chandigarh district court has refused to allow a 10-year-old girl, who got pregnant after her uncle allegedly raped her multiple times over seven months, abort her 26-week old foetus.
According to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, medical termination of pregnancy is allowed up to ...

Gym workout proves fatal: 22-year-old Techie in Hyderabad dies while working out
14.07.17 - TEAM PT

A place like a gym that is supposed to make you healthier and give you fit body can even kill you. A 22-year-old techie who used to work for Dell lost his life while working out in the gym.
According to Madhapur police, Varun Kumar, 22, ...

Miracle Kids: Brain dead mum kept alive for 123 days to give birth to twin babies
12.07.17 - team pt

A brain dead pregnant woman was kept alive for 123 days - the longest time ever - before delivering twins by emergency caesarean section. 
Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha from Campo Largo in South Brazil suffered from Cerebral Haemorrhage last year in Ocotber, following which she ...

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