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On why the chances of bigotry receding are low. We are in a trough; just have to wade through it.
04.08.16 06:08 as Politics - PREET K S BEDI

Ask a random set of people the values their religion preaches and chances are you will be played back more or less the same words by all. Love, peace, compassion, forbearance and so on. 
With so much synergy one would imagine religion would be the strongest ...

Golwalkar. Proof that poison always sells.
22.07.16 04:54 as History - preet k s bedi

If the tall and strapping Hedgewar was energy and passion, his chosen successor was a diminutive man of learning and scholarship. But for his long flowing hair, he would barely be noticed till he spoke and then all eyes would be on him. In fact, ...




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