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Dear Rahul, this will come as music to your ears
17.03.16 - pREET K S BEDI

From Indira Gandhi’s emergency to the mess created by the Janata Party to Rajiv’s inability to explain Bofors to VP’s flirtation with Mandal to the India vs Bharat conundrums of Rao and Vajpayee, elections in India have always been lost, not won. In fact so ...

My Political Influences
05.03.16 - preet k s bedi

We went hungry the night Nehru died; it was just understood there would be no dinner.  We went to see his body lie in state at Teen Murthy House the next day and again to join the funeral procession for the third time to pay ...

Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister
04.03.16 - Preet K s Bedi

Dear Mr. Modi
Thank you for providing a platform for Kanhaiya to reach out to the entire country. May god give you the benevolence to discover and present more Hardiks and Kanhaiyas to us.
In Canada Justin Trudeau rode into prominence after just one oration and that ...




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