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Suresh Kumar – The Importance of Being Earnest
17.03.17 - kanwar manjit singh

Suresh Kumar, a retired IAS officer, is now the Chief Principal Secretary to CM, a move that political pundits say is a sign that Chief Minister Amarinder Singh wants an efficiently run CMO on which no mud sticks.

With the bespectacled razor-sharp man who ran the ...

The untold story of Kaur Singh – A forgotten Indian boxer who fought Muhammad Ali
16.03.17 - Shantanu Prasher*

Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer to have ever graced the ring. While Ali will be forever remembered, Kaur Singh, the only Indian boxer to have ever faced Ali in the ring, has remained completely unknown. This is the story of the Kaur Singh.
It was ...

Poli-tics: It is as simple as that
13.03.17 - harcharan bains*

When you lose in life, the first weakness you must --MUST -- resist is the temptation to blame it on everything except one's own mistakes or find excuses for one's own shortcomings. Every failure can always be traced back to something or the other we ...

Meet Sant Balbir Singh, Who Cleaned 160 Km Long River Single Handedly
27.08.16 - TEAM PT

Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal was honoured the 'Hero of Environment' title by TIME Magazine, becoming not only the only Indian but also the only Asian to get this distinction. 

Incase you're wondering what made TIME magazine bestow such a great honour on Sant Balbir Singh, also ...

'Let this be the last photo-op for drought'
17.06.16 - Civil society news

Two headlines on water have competed for mind space. The first was on a train carrying water to Latur, which has gone completely dry. The second was on an upcoming bountiful monsoon, which has already sent the stock market soaring in anticipation of rural demand.

As ...

Bhagat Singh's last letter: From the front page of The Tribune dated 25 March 1931
23.03.16 - pt team

Bhagat Singh and his comrades while refusing to make any petition for mercy, in the course of a letter to the Governor of the Punjab, asked to be shot dead.
"The only thing we want to point out, they said, "is that according to the verdict ...




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