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Poli-tics: It is as simple as that
13.03.17 - harcharan bains*

When you lose in life, the first weakness you must --MUST -- resist is the temptation to blame it on everything except one's own mistakes or find excuses for one's own shortcomings. Every failure can always be traced back to something or the other we ...

Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra as President of the SGPC
31.03.16 - Dr. JS Grewal*

Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra is well-known for his commitment to Sikh ideology and politics based on Sikh identity. Elected President of the SGPC for the first time in 1973, he remained in office almost till the end of the century. His tenure was the longest ...

Remembering a gentleman with many memories
30.03.16 - roopinder singh

It was in 1992 that a distinguished-looking gentleman came over and said that something should be written about Giani Kartar Singh. Though one had heard a lot of stories about the legendary political figure, one wanted to find some documented information before one could proceed ...




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