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Batwaara. After 1947, phir ek baar. Has the PM started a downhill journey?
24.06.16 - PREET K S BEDI

Since the PM has made a forceful intervention to reclaim yoga for Hinduism converting a good fitness routine into a Hindu ritual, it is time to bring some method into the batwaara madness so that we avoid the horrors of 1947. 
Since Hindus get yoga, Unnani ...

'Let this be the last photo-op for drought'
17.06.16 - Civil society news

Two headlines on water have competed for mind space. The first was on a train carrying water to Latur, which has gone completely dry. The second was on an upcoming bountiful monsoon, which has already sent the stock market soaring in anticipation of rural demand.

As ...

Assessing Rajiv
16.06.16 - PREET K S BEDI

For those of us who lived through the period, Rajiv after Indira Gandhi was like passing out from a dark dreary tunnel into sunshine. After 18 years of his mother’s efforts to block out the world, Rajiv did just the opposite. He wanted India and ...

A formidable journalist, India has lost its most outstanding chronicler
13.06.16 - By H K Dua

As a young man of 17, Inder Malhotra was there somewhere in the multitudes of people who went up Raisina Hill to watch the birth of free India at the stroke of midnight of August 14-15, 1947.
From then, the careers of both India as a ...




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