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All religions are superstitions and false
29.04.20 - Markandey Katju

I read Umer Farooq's article 'Will Pakistan's Mullahs ever stop opposing modernity' online. The writer has referred to the opposition by Mullahs to womens' empowerment, minority rights, and modern political ideas. Perhaps what was in Farooq's mind was the recent statement of Maulvi Tariq Jameel ...

A wildly exaggerated threat
The Pandemic Panic
20.04.20 - Nalamotu Chakravarthy

India has adopted one of the world's most draconian responses to fight the spread of Covid-19. The University of Oxford’s ‘Coronavirus Government Response Tracker’ gave India the worst possible ‘Stringency Index’ of 100.

The lockdown in India is having far reaching consequences, particularly bringing economic ruin ...

How everything changed in a month!
My Quarantine Diary
15.04.20 - CHETNA GILL

IT IS A few minutes before midnight on 13th April and I am immediately reminded that it has been a month since I boarded the fateful flight from Australia to India. As I sit to write my diary, I flip through the pages and look ...

COVID-19: Should You Believe What the Mathematical Models Say About India?
'87% people likely to get affected in Punjab!'
11.04.20 - Gautam I. Menon

The 21-day national lockdown that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in his address to the nation on March 24 ends on April 15. What happens next?

Should we anticipate a rise in cases once the lockdown is lifted, so that we’re back to about where we ...

In what ways will the world be different?
09.04.20 - M Khudadad Chattha

COVID-19 has transformed our lives in ways that will leave a permanent mark on all of humanity. While it is impossible to predict the exact type of scar that Covid-19 will leave, we do know that the world after this catastrophe will look very different. ...

Can Jathedar Akal Takht negotiate with Afghanistan, Indian and UN authorities to check where the Sikhs in Afghanistan want to go?
An appeal to Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh

In a dastardly attack, two weeks back, on March 25, at 7.45 am, 25 Afghanistan Sikhs, including women and one child, were gunned down in a Gurdwara in Kabul. The initial blame was on the Taliban Haqqani network but it denied its role. Soon, the ...




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