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Trudeau came to Punjab, pushed Amarinder closer to BJP, then called him a liar
27.02.18 - S Pal

HE DID NOT WANT to meet him; the guest, in turn, never wanted to see him. In the end, both met. And then, one of them told a lie.

Amarinder Singh claimed in writing that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured him that Ottawa did not ...

Mr. Ujjal, will you throw some light on this, too?
Jaspal Atwal controversy
22.02.18 - Amandeep Sandhu

THE KHALISTANI ANGLE to the relations between India and Canada has hogged the news headlines all through the past week. Finally on Wednesday there was some thaw and the Panjab Chief Minister met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and team including Defence Minister Harjit Singh ...

Yes, Ease of Leaving was announced by Jaitley in LS
Lutana, Bhagana and Bhulana
21.02.18 - kanwar manjit singh

ARE YOU STILL WONDERING that how diamond czar Nirav Modi (NiMo) and his uncle, who is also a jeweler, Vimul Choksi, could so easily leave the country after certifying ‘Ease of Doing Business’ the flagship programme of Modi government?

You should not, because this path-breaking scheme ...

Punjab Today impact: 'MIS-REPORTING PUNJAB'
21.02.18 - Team PT

Just today Punjab has extended a warm welcome to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team of Ministers arriving at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. The CM Punjab had a one-on-one meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister and then with his Ministers.
As a curtan raiser, ...

Shekhar Gupta's half-baked truths
18.02.18 - Amandeep Sandhu

Please bear with me. I write this with a heavy heart but also with familiar tedium because all my life I have seen much of media report complex situations - especially when it comes to Panjab, Sikhs, Khalistan - in a black and white manner. ...

Of Nirmal Singh’s eyes
Karze ne layee ikk hor kisan di Jaan...
09.02.18 - SP SINGH

NO ONE STOPS even momentarily over a headline that one has already read with an annoying degree of regularity. Repetition defeats the very purpose of the headline. A headline must not appear on two consecutive days. It definitely must not appear so many times in ...




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