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Truth is Stranger than Fiction
25.05.17 - Eva Arora
Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Have you ever wondered if some crazy psychopath is writing a novel in which you are the protagonist? It obviously has to be a crazy writer because your life is definitely stranger than any novel you can ever read. Because who bumps her head ten times  against the edge of the table and gets up okay and then trips a little to get a fracture? 

Fiction can be defined as the books and stories about imaginary people and events. On the other hand, the word ‘truth’ holds a completely opposite meaning. There is no space for imagination and creativity. As we step into the twenty first century, we realize that the truths of life are sometimes stranger than any fictional novel you may come across. We all know that imagination runs wild, and by allowing it to do so we can feel some glimpses of fiction in almost every real event that occurs.
When we are reading a fictional novel or story we tend to relate to the characters, it is in fact human psychology to try to relate truth with fiction. Certain events take place in our lives that have a prolonged effect. We keep wondering why these strange things take place? Then we realize that these things that make up one of the worst and the best moments in our life are what is stranger than fiction. You won’t find any of the things I have mentioned below, as weird as they are, they are what make up the essence of life.

When looking at a person from the outside we can never guess their life story, their thoughts, we can only imagine. But, when we get to know something, it may seem that the truth is stranger than fiction itself!

The space is an unknown mass. Nobody has fully explored it yet, and nobody knows what to expect. Maybe there are people like us out there, maybe there are beings so bizarre that we can’t even imagine. Or maybe there are no living beings at all. The possibilities are endless. And maybe the truth of what is really there is something that we didn’t even think of.

Like the Area 51, which is situated in the southern portion of Nevada, United States. It is a heavily guarded area, and the common public are strictly prohibited to enter there. Only the high post government officials are allowed to. There have been many strange incidents there and reportedly there also have been some alien sightings. The government officials that work there are not allowed to talk about it and this has given birth to many conspiracy theories. 
There have been many examples in history that say, that indeed truth can be stranger than fiction; 

Soldiers are required to walk out of steps while crossing a bridge, because in 1831, the rhythmic marching of British soldiers broke a bridge, throwing some soldiers off the bridge.

Or when, six assassins were sent to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  One of them threw a bomb that exploded under the wrong car. His assassination failed, he took a cyanide pill and jumped into a river, turns out, the pill only induced vomiting and the river was only 13 cm deep. He failed at killing himself too. 

A man hit by a car in New York in 1977 got up uninjured, but lay back down in front of the car when a bystander told him to pretend he was hurt so he could collect insurance money. The car rolled forward and crushed him to death.
Walter Hallas, a 26-year-old store clerk in Leeds, England, was so afraid of dentists that in 1979 he asked a fellow worker to try to cure his toothache by punching him in the jaw. The punch caused Hallas to fall down, hitting his head, and he died of a fractured skull.
In 1983, a Mrs. Carson of Lake Kushaqua, N.Y., was laid out in her coffin, presumed dead of heart disease. As mourners watched, she suddenly sat up. Her daughter dropped dead of fright. 

In 2004, a tax auditor in Finland died at his desk and despite the fact that there were 100 other staff people on the same floor nobody noticed his death until after two days.

Sounds like something straight out of a movie don’t they?  But no they’re actual events that have taken place with actual people.
I guess you can say that truth is stranger than fiction because, fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities, the truth isn’t.

It can be well concluded that the truth behind every event of life has a strange story on its own, quite similar to or even stranger than fiction itself!



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