Are We Sliding Back To The Medieval Period?
03.07.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

Of late several videos have emerged on the social media which should make us all collectively hang our heads in shame. Instead of moving towards modernisation, refinement of thought process and growth of society, we seem to be sliding back to the medieval period ...

Simultaneous polls: An idea that must be dumped
20.07.18 - VIPIN PUBBY*

State Assembly elections are due in four states this year, in double that number of states besides the Lok Sabha elections next year, in three states during 2020 and in six states the following year. There has been no year in the recent past when ...

Where were you when ...
27.09.17 - SANEHEAD

REACTING TO THE media-storm on REPUBLIC TV Partner cum Star Anchor Arnab Goswami's false claim of having faced an attack while covering the Gujarat riots of 2002 on the ground, Kavita Krishnan, the firebrand feminist face of Indian Resistance tweeted as follows :

"Seriously shouldn't trivialize ...

Poli-tics: It is as simple as that
13.03.17 - harcharan bains*

When you lose in life, the first weakness you must --MUST -- resist is the temptation to blame it on everything except one's own mistakes or find excuses for one's own shortcomings. Every failure can always be traced back to something or the other we ...

Arvind Kejriwal - Jab Ishq Tumhen Ho Jayega
12.02.17 - nischay pal

WITH THE RAGING conversations going on around street corners, at roadside tea shops and in tony neighbourhoods in Punjab, it is all the more necessary that we try to understand a little more of this thing called Arvind Kejriwal. And we name him —instead of ...

On why the chances of bigotry receding are low. We are in a trough; just have to wade through it.
04.08.16 - PREET K S BEDI

Ask a random set of people the values their religion preaches and chances are you will be played back more or less the same words by all. Love, peace, compassion, forbearance and so on. 
With so much synergy one would imagine religion would be the strongest ...

Dear Rahul, this will come as music to your ears
17.03.16 - pREET K S BEDI

From Indira Gandhi’s emergency to the mess created by the Janata Party to Rajiv’s inability to explain Bofors to VP’s flirtation with Mandal to the India vs Bharat conundrums of Rao and Vajpayee, elections in India have always been lost, not won. In fact so ...

My Political Influences
05.03.16 - preet k s bedi

We went hungry the night Nehru died; it was just understood there would be no dinner.  We went to see his body lie in state at Teen Murthy House the next day and again to join the funeral procession for the third time to pay ...

Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister
04.03.16 - Preet K s Bedi

Dear Mr. Modi
Thank you for providing a platform for Kanhaiya to reach out to the entire country. May god give you the benevolence to discover and present more Hardiks and Kanhaiyas to us.
In Canada Justin Trudeau rode into prominence after just one oration and that ...

Engineer Sends this Open letter with DD of Rs 364 to Kejriwal to Buy Shoes
25.02.16 -

Is this not a publicity stunt? He earns more than 2 lakhs/month, an ex-IRS officer and currently CM of Delhi still he doesn’t have common etiquette to meet a guest who is a president of his nation?
No, boys & girls! Mr. Kejriwal was at the ...




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