70 years on, most decorated soldier of India remains unsung

Barring few things done in his name by the successive governments and authorities concerned, Naib Subedar Nand Singh, the "highest ever decorated soldier of India", who having earned prestigious twin war medals, Victoria Cross (VC)-the highest military gallantry award of United Kingdom (UK) and Maha ...

The untold story of Kaur Singh – A forgotten Indian boxer who fought Muhammad Ali
16.03.17 - Shantanu Prasher*

Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer to have ever graced the ring. While Ali will be forever remembered, Kaur Singh, the only Indian boxer to have ever faced Ali in the ring, has remained completely unknown. This is the story of the Kaur Singh.
It was ...

The Pioneering Doctor who Discovered the First Case of HIV in India 30 Years Ago
03.12.16 - Sanchari Pal*

When Suniti Solomon, the groundbreaking HIV researcher who documented the first cases of the infection in India in 1986, passed away on July 28, 2015, The New Yorker wrote:

"As HIV swept across the world, in the mid-nineteen-eighties, no country possessed a more menacing mix of ...

Girish Nikam - In Memoriam
07.11.16 - TEAM PT

Senior journalist GIRISH NIKAM is no more. The much respected journalist died in harness - doing what he used to do best. He recorded his last show for Rajya Sabha TV today, and passed away a little later. Sharp, incisive, balanced, impressively informed, Girish Nikam ...

Pierce Brosnan demands removal of his image from Pan Bahar ad
22.10.16 - TEAM PT

Former Bond star Pierce Brosnan has condemned the "unauthorised and deceptive" use of his image to promote an Indian mouth freshener.

Brosnan caused a stir in India when he appeared in an ad for Pan Bahar, a product many associate with a highly addictive form of ...

Disabled pensioner offers £10 to help woman who raised £330,000 for him after he was mugged
17.09.16 - TEAM PT

Mugging victim Alan Barnes has said he would contribute about £10(749 Indian Rupee) towards paying off the debts of a woman who helped raise more than £330,000(24697935.64 Indian Rupee) for him.

Barnes, 68, who is disabled and 4ft 6in, was attacked outside his home in Gateshead ...

The journey of an iconic image
04.09.16 - NADEEM F. PARACHA*

One of the most recognisable (and merchandised) images in the world has been that of the late South American revolutionary, Che Guevara. The image is of his face. He is staring sternly ahead with a pensive look. The look is further enhanced by the presence ...

Meet Sant Balbir Singh, Who Cleaned 160 Km Long River Single Handedly
27.08.16 - TEAM PT

Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal was honoured the 'Hero of Environment' title by TIME Magazine, becoming not only the only Indian but also the only Asian to get this distinction. 

Incase you're wondering what made TIME magazine bestow such a great honour on Sant Balbir Singh, also ...

How an Indian writer 'returned from the dead'
27.08.16 - TEAM PT

For months after Perumal Murugan declared himself "dead" as a writer following vicious protests against his novel by Hindu and caste-based groups last year, he couldn't read or write.

"I became a walking corpse," says Murugan, who is considered to be one of the most accomplished ...

An Engine Of Cowardice - Arnab Goswami's treachery towards the Indian Constitution
02.08.16 - Ruchir Joshi

Let me explain Arnab Goswami to you. Or, rather, since I'm not Arnab Goswami, please allow me to place before you how I see Arnab Goswami of Times Now TV. Actually, first let me explain why any time at all should be spent on someone ...

Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra as President of the SGPC
31.03.16 - Dr. JS Grewal*

Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra is well-known for his commitment to Sikh ideology and politics based on Sikh identity. Elected President of the SGPC for the first time in 1973, he remained in office almost till the end of the century. His tenure was the longest ...

Remembering a gentleman with many memories
30.03.16 - roopinder singh

It was in 1992 that a distinguished-looking gentleman came over and said that something should be written about Giani Kartar Singh. Though one had heard a lot of stories about the legendary political figure, one wanted to find some documented information before one could proceed ...

Real-Life Messiah:  Patna’s Gurmeet Singh
25.02.16 -

Are you in pain?

This is the question Gurmeet Singh usually asks when he enters a hospital ward in the northern Indian city of Patna, in the state of Bihar.

It is a damp and grubby facility with lime-green walls and stained tiled floors. ...




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